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    school enrolment

    Hi Snifter Thanks a lot for the reply you have put my mind at rest about the tenancy agreement, I will email all of the relevant estate agents to ask about paying rent up front and proving funds. Hopefully this will help us rent a property quicker than 3 months. cheers jimb
  2. jimb

    school enrolment

    Can anyone advise me please, my family and i have just received PR visa and are moving to Lockleys next year. The school requires a 12 month tenancy agreement for enrolment. I was not planning on working straight away so i could help settle the kids into our new lives. We were planning to live with my sister in Lockleys for the first few months but the school wont except her address as proof of living in the school zone. If i need 3 months pay slips to secure a tenancy agreement my daughter who will be 6 could be out of school for quite a while. Has anyone found a way around this problem?

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