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  1. Hi guys... Got the grant mail today Applied 24 Aug 2016 CO requested docs for the 1st time in last week of nov submitted on dec10th, (same docs work proof and residential proof,. Though submitted them before) 2nd time - march 21st, submitted - march 27th (requested aus PCC as it got expired ) Meanwhile we had a newborn baby So submitted all the docs for my baby boy Consent form, birth certificate, passport, and a letter from GP ( I would like to suggest something here, if u had a newborn baby,don't wait for the case officer to ask for the docs... Just submit the above things as early as possible, that helps you to move the file faster ) 3rd time - april 27th., Submitted - may 4th ( same aus PCC again for my partner, as we gave him the wrong one ) Got grant - may 19th Gud luck guys.. This forum was really helpful, hope everyone get their grant soon