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  1. Thank you all for the advice. Have emailed the GP to request the records today and will see what I can find when I know where I am going to be based more permanently
  2. Having read threads on here and online I am beginning to understand a little about the healthcare system in Australia (probably a good thing as I'm going to be working in it.) I've read that you don't need to register with a GP and you can just turn up anywhere? Does that mean no one has any history on you? So I could turn up and claim to have all sorts of conditions I don't actually have and be prescribed medications I don't need? Not that I ever would! But you see my point. So my questions are: Is it worth paying my UK GP for a copy of my medical records? I'm at the point where if I need them I need to do it fairly soon and its going to cost me £50. I have a couple of long term conditions that require medications including 2 monthly injections. If I just turn up and say I need them are they going to believe me or want to do a whole load of tests to prove it? How do I pick a GP? I rely on my GP a fair amount here in the UK as he manages my chronic conditions and gives me support rather than hospital consultants/specialists. It would be nice to think I could find someone who would do the same in Australia, especially as at the beginning I am going to have far less family support than I do at the moment and my health may will dip. Not being bulk billing isn't an issue if I feel comfortable with them and can get some continuity of care. Any advice?
  3. I don't have that option as coming on a 190 visa.
  4. @doubter Thank you so much for your comments and advice. Putting my PR and date of arrival on my covering letter sounds so obvious but it hadn't occurred to me until you mentioned it so it has now been added. Unfortunately I'm not able to arrive any earlier than my arrival date because of my notice period on my current job. I shall continue plugging away at my applications and won't panic quite yet.
  5. Hopefully this is in the right place. Any nurses out there. What are wages like for nurses in Adelaide? (I have 4 years experience back here in the UK) I've applied for my 190 visa and hoping to be in Adelaide in September. So now I'm trying to work out what job prospects will be like and what wages would be like so I can work out where I can afford to live. Thank you