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  1. mydearboy

    How cold is cold?!

    Its not outdoors you need to worry about its indoors, pack loads of blankets fleece's hoodies etc for wearing in the evenings.
  2. mydearboy

    Termite Inspection

    Highly recommend. http://www.termitefreenaturally.com.au/ we have dealt with "Rob" few times excellent service always
  3. mydearboy

    Is anyone considering leaving SA?

    Strange isn't it this perspective thing? We have been back 6 weeks and can't believe how cheap food is in the UK. I would say its much cheaper than when we left in 2010. Meat doesn't seem more expensive either
  4. mydearboy

    Region codes for DVD players?

    Yes I also have found all new dvds tvs purchased here are multi region
  5. mydearboy

    Region codes for DVD players?

    Yes I did all mine with a simple google search
  6. mydearboy


    Hi None of those reasons really, we loved our life in the UK we love it here, we just love our lives in the UK more. We have been involved in lots of activities here have great friends and love the suburb, this did not influence us in any way. Thanks for all the best wishes
  7. mydearboy


    Thanks Keith, Sunny Wiltshire
  8. mydearboy


    Hi all It’s been 5 and a 1/2 years since we touched down here in Adelaide, we have had a fantastic time have experienced some great things and met some lovely people, and even managed a new edition to our family. Have had a great job and a lovely home. However we have decided to return to the UK, I have resigned from work sold our House and are moving back imminently. So for everybody who has helped us and given us advice over the years I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all. I will check in time to time to see if I can be of any use to others. Cheers
  9. mydearboy

    $12 a pint!!!!!!

    Spoken to family and friends back in UK and they say average is around the 3 pound mark where the 6 pound came from i dont know lol This seems to confirm it also http://www.pintprice.com/region.php?/United_Kingdom/GBP.htm and aso http://cask-marque.co.uk/cask-matters/good-pub-guide-2015-reveals-cost-average-pint/
  10. mydearboy

    Nappies?! Help!

    We have found snuggies from big w the best, tried the rest and most leaked
  11. mydearboy

    Buddha nearly ready!

    I think you may be confusing The Buddha with the Budai very very different!
  12. mydearboy

    Which country do you support in sporting matters?

    Wales in every single sport, will never change that!
  13. mydearboy

    Moving to South Australia - Survey

    Completed, agree need more free text
  14. mydearboy

    Applying for an Resident Return visa

    Thanks thought as much
  15. [h=3]Wattle Reserve on the Corner of Wattle Avenue & Esplanade, Brighton & Hove SA 5048 is a good place fenced park, large covered BBQ areas, kids park, large grass reserve and also opposite the beach [/h]

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