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  1. Funnily enough, my husband just had to hire somebody. He told me that when he was going through the applications, he ignored any from people who were not yet in the country (he wanted someone to start within a couple of weeks), and any from people without permanent residency. I was surprised, but he explained that the cost of training is quite high and has to be recouped by keeping their employees as long as possible - even though there is no guarantee that even perms / citizens will stay beyond a couple of years. I wouldn't let this example particularly worry you, as getting a job can be down to so many variables anyway, I simply thought it was interesting. Welcome, btw! 🙂 LC
  2. Hi Debs, I'm intrigued, does your role combine the job of a school counsellor with the responsibility for making mandatory notifications? If so, perhaps you could look at working in training, specifically administering the Child Safe Environments course which is mandatory for anyone working with kids. In my, albeit limited, knowledge we are legally obligated to make our own mandatory notification. For example, if I hear / see something of concern in my role as SSO (Student Services Officer - usually not teachers), even though I will refer them to the counsellor / pastoral care worker and tell the relevant teachers I still have to make a report to Families SA because I am a mandated notifier. Given that, I don't believe schools in SA would have a go-to person responsible for mandatory notifications. Anyway, welcome to the forum 😊👏🏻👏🏻
  3. Happy Christmas and a very merry New Year!

    My family are sending all good wishes to you and your family.


  4. Wow! I love it, thank you! And the background mooves lol ;)

    I might pop over to your Visitor Board to wish you a happy Christmas in person......

  5. Hiya Lazy Cow, Merry Christmas to you.


  6. Lol! Maybe I'm choosy.....nah, seriously why would anyone leave a message? (Not that I don't love it when you do!)

    I'm a fair-weather user ;) And if it weren't for my iPad and being able to watch tv whilst using it, I wouldn't even be on this much!

    How are you and your gorgeous better half?

  7. Hello matey, I seem to be the only person who comes by.

    Hope you and yours are well.

  8. Actually, quite well doncha know what? :)

  9. Wi fank yew, deer AD :) ( opposed to "Why? Thank you, dear AD!!! Grr!") How's it going with you and yours? Cx

  10. I agree wivs you but yuse is spesial too lazy Cow, and yuse has needs LOL

  11. Yes Tyke, you are defo spesial but I've missed your birthday this year :( That said, I have no doubt you will still be spesial next year lol :)

  12. We found a birthday card in one of the Cheap As shops. What made it so wonderful is that it said "Happy Birthday.... because you are spesial (sic)'. Yes, of course I bought it! Just can't bear to send it to anyone lol :)

  13. APHS? your too special for that :-)