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  1. Lazy Cow

    Job Prospects with 489 Visa

    Funnily enough, my husband just had to hire somebody. He told me that when he was going through the applications, he ignored any from people who were not yet in the country (he wanted someone to start within a couple of weeks), and any from people without permanent residency. I was surprised, but he explained that the cost of training is quite high and has to be recouped by keeping their employees as long as possible - even though there is no guarantee that even perms / citizens will stay beyond a couple of years. I wouldn't let this example particularly worry you, as getting a job can be down to so many variables anyway, I simply thought it was interesting. Welcome, btw! ? LC
  2. Lazy Cow

    Safeguarding jobs in Schools?

    Hi Debs, I'm intrigued, does your role combine the job of a school counsellor with the responsibility for making mandatory notifications? If so, perhaps you could look at working in training, specifically administering the Child Safe Environments course which is mandatory for anyone working with kids. In my, albeit limited, knowledge we are legally obligated to make our own mandatory notification. For example, if I hear / see something of concern in my role as SSO (Student Services Officer - usually not teachers), even though I will refer them to the counsellor / pastoral care worker and tell the relevant teachers I still have to make a report to Families SA because I am a mandated notifier. Given that, I don't believe schools in SA would have a go-to person responsible for mandatory notifications. Anyway, welcome to the forum ?????
  3. Lazy Cow

    Hi everyone

    Hi Sarah, and welcome , We moved here because we could, so I get your desire for 'experience and adventure'! We had a good life in Kent, in a small town (c38k people), with a nice home, good friends, ok jobs etc, but my OH had always wanted to stretch his wings, so we did. I think you soon learn that experience and adventure only lasts for so long, then it becomes the same as before. We've exchanged some pluses from being in the UK for others here. Our kids were older than yours would be, when / if you get here, but have both gone through everything from primary school to uni. Neither has regretted being here, although one misses his rellies quite a bit. I enjoy my life here, much as I did there. I do miss the friends we had there, not because we don't have them here lol, but just that sense of history, shared experiences from when our kids were littlies, or from when my husband and I were kids ourselves. Saying that, we don't want to move back, and have never really contemplated that. I guess what I'm saying is, adventure is yours wherever you are, if you're happy together there, I'm sure you'll be happy together here. Finding work can be difficult, or you might both find work in an instant, probably the same as anywhere. I do agree that, particularly in there more challenging times, work can come down to who you know, but I think that's understandable (in a way). Maybe simply a desire to ensure the person you select will be a keeper lol . The suburbs, particularly those surrounding the city, roll into one another pretty much seamlessly. I wouldn't worry so much about names of particular suburbs at first, more areas in the way NicF has described them. Then have a look when you get here, there's something for everyone . Would you come for a visit prior to migrating? We didn't, and it worked for us,although SA wasn't quite as I'd imagined it. I'm not sure whether I'd recommend a visit first. I know you have a good idea of what to expect, though we're not like Qld; NSW (depending where you were) would perhaps be more like SA, but migration can be an expensive decision. If you search (I can't right now as the dogs are waiting to get to the beach!) there was a looong thread on here about why people like SA. Maybe that would be fun for you to read? We like SA. We like being near the beach, the countryside, the way you can see the hills around the city, the noisy birds, the older houses, the history..it's our home. Hope some of my waffle proves helpful! LC
  4. Lazy Cow

    Koalas Need US...

    That's fantastic, thanks @snifter! It seems so long ago now, but that little koala grew up and was eventually relocated to the Yankalilla area <3 For anyone interested in learning how to care got our native wildlife, or even helping (and there are many ways you can), why not take a look at : http://www.faunarescue.org.au/home.htm LC
  5. Lazy Cow

    Jetty Jumping danger

    My son has been jetty jumping for years now, and every year we have the same convo, and every year he does it anyway. There was a guy who suffered horrendous injuries not so many years back, and although we were here for that, it did not change my son's attitude one iota. Drives me crazy.
  6. Lazy Cow

    Costco membership... Discuss!

    Thats really useful info. Thanks @Blossom! Like Sallyh, we have friends that have offered to take us, but I don't want to waste a visit with them trolling around some shop! Mega-super-boring. But I might travel over there for a quick look. Disappointingly, it doesn't sound like Costco membership would have much to offer us, us being parsimonious (aka broke!) vegans, but at least we could mooch over and check it out sometime. Thanks all. LC
  7. Lazy Cow

    Costco membership... Discuss!

    I will be following this with interest, as for me Costco sounds like it would be more fun than savings-related! And I don't want to spend $60+ bucks buying stuff I simply don't need. The only thing I can offer is that I've heard Costco have their own servo, so savings can also be made on petrol. Handy if it's a) true and b) you live close enough to profit from it!
  8. Lazy Cow

    Adelaide Hills Book Group

    Thank you for a very enjoyable evening...we might not have chosen a book, but we certainly covered a fair few topics! Come join us, you people out there, I think this is going to be fun! LC
  9. Lazy Cow

    Adelaide Hills Book Group

    It's tonight! Looking forward to meeting you . LC
  10. Lazy Cow

    Royal Adelaide Show time again :)

    How wonderful! Many, many heartfelt congratulations to you and your family . (Did you see the show in the pavilion, 'Gentlemen of Deceit'? What did you think? We watched a bit, but then left quietly...I'm not sure if it got any better.... ) LC
  11. Lazy Cow

    Royal Adelaide Show time again :)

    @Blossom Wait a sec....'kiddies'? Were you referring to a combo of your baby, her father, big sister...or have you had a new baby?! Congratulations if you've given your littliest a sibling, lols if you were referring to your partner, and well done if you managed what sounds like a very focussed visit with a teen in tow! LC
  12. Lazy Cow

    Royal Adelaide Show time again :)

    We went yesterday, just my OH and I, and had a wonderful time! (Although I do think that being at the Crows' game will be awesome! Good choice, @snifter!) I like the Show because it's such a community event, and there really is something for most people. We've been through taking our primary school kids, through allowing older ones to meet up with their mates whilst we were still lurking on site lol, through dropping them off and doing their own thing, to now...a couple watching the dog judging, mooching round the food tents etc.. It can be expensive, particularly the rides and sideshows, and the contents of the show bags can often all-too quickly self-destruct, but I love the way people save up for the year, preparing, or it's agreed that it'll be a biannual visit. If I were to offer any advice, it would be to be prepared. As NicF remarked, it is very noisy, and busy, and that can put some kids off. You can go online to see what free shows you'd like to catch, what bags are available - the Yellow Brick Road is a good one, because it takes you all round the Show with something to pick up at various points. There are cheap lockers, if you want to take your own food and drink or even just stow some rugs for later, if you plan on staying for the fireworks. Parking can be expensive, one on Goodwood was charging $35!!!! but to the left, on Greenhill, there was a $20, and a bit further up (so we only saw it when we drove past on leaving our $20 park later!) there's a $12 one. There's even an Adelaide Showground train station now! It'll all be on the website that Snifter's linked to this thread . Have fun! LC
  13. Lazy Cow

    Famiily of 3 (plus a cat) making the move!

    Beautifully put, @NicF!
  14. Lazy Cow

    Famiily of 3 (plus a cat) making the move!

    I know what you mean about - well, more than one thing, really! We also loved the UK, but my OH had always had itchy feet so we just went for it! We had the option of a few different states, and had family in Victoria, but decided on SA because it's smaller (in population, not size!) and we wanted to start out on our own, knowing no one. That's not to say we didn't use a site similar to this, though one that's long gone now, but we didn't want to live through other people's experiences, friends, and judgements, if that makes any sense. My kids are both happy they were brought up here (although they only started in primary school), fiercely proud of being Australian, and I don't think I could ask for a better recommendation . It is an expensive process for sure, but there are so few guarantees with life and it is only money after all (). Money offers choice, IMHO, but it doesn't necessarily bring happiness. They say you don't tend to regret the things you do as much as the things you don't do. If it goes wrong, and you have a strong relationship, you'll still have each other. LC
  15. Lazy Cow

    Positive Adelaide Thread

    I love the people I've met here. I love the way it's such a small community - totally three degrees of separation and all that! Mind you, that did not work well the time my son decided to wag ! I love the wildlife, although that makes bushfire season a nightmare. I love the sounds, the beaches, the sights, and the moonlight cinema, the Fringe, the footy...there's so much I love, and more than a few things that concern me - but that's for another thread! I'm off to the Show now - and I love that too! LC

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