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  1. Took exactly 8 weeks for me. Heard nowadays vetassess has halted their portals. Not sure if that is indeed the case. Hope someone can confirm the same. Sent from my SM-A800F using Tapatalk
  2. Sa 190 eoi

    Thank u so much for the kind response. My occupation is in low availability and that is why i am concerned. My immi consultant told me that already vetassess portals are halted. I hope that does not affect me as well. Sent from my SM-A800F using Tapatalk
  3. Sa 190 eoi

    Has anyone recently applied for nomination? I put in my EOI on 1st april 2017. Still waiting. Just a bit scared after the recent 216 occupations have been axed. Mine is in low availability now. Had 60points before the nomination. Hope it doesn't take too long considering the category has already gone to blue on 1st april. Any useful info would be much appreciated. Thanks. Sent from my SM-A800F using Tapatalk