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  1. monty9110

    camper trailer

    selling our camper trailer. we've owned it since new (2015) Off road model large (85litre?) water tank. fold out kitchen bench & sink. Queen size fully sprung mattress. In addition to the queen raised bed, we comfortably slept an additional 3 each on camp beds. Fully enclosed awning. ( photos to follow.. sorry, having trouble uploading photos.. happy to send by text as I have them all on my phone) $5800. Excellent condition. available to view in Seacliff Park Please message me for contact details.. Sarah
  2. monty9110


    I've just replaced my Dyson with a new Dyson after 10 years.. I could have got a repair but I think it did well considering we used it to clean up plaster dust and rubble from our renovations.. Great as you can order parts online & replace yourself without having to pay for repairs (although I never needed to) I also have a stick dyson which is great for a quick clean .. theyre on offer at Harvey Norman for $199 which is a great price for them.
  3. monty9110

    Subaru Forester 2005

    Great condition. 270k selling due to upgrade . see link for photos & details [h=1]Subaru Forester 2005[/h]$4,999.00 Negotiable Subaru Forester 2.5lx Great condition, runs really well. Tow bar, cruise control, 5 slash seat belts.. Selling due to upgrade. Sensible offers considered.
  4. monty9110

    Babysitting,... whats the form here?

    We either get a babysitter & pay them to sit at our house or if kids are going to friends house to be looked after, they will normally have a sleepover & I collect them in the morning.
  5. monty9110

    Child care rebate and immunisations

    You will need to provide proof for Kindy & childcare.. My 2 had chicken pox in uk so didn't need to be immunised for that. The only one they needed when we came here was hep b. . I wasn't aware they weren't fully immunised until I got a letter from family assistance saying I need to get a immunisation certificate for them to continue paying child care benefit.
  6. monty9110

    Apple iphone

    Ps... Do a back up of contacts, photos etc. before you call, as may involve resetting phone..
  7. monty9110

    Apple iphone

    I called the apple helpline & they talked me through it.. they were very patient with me as I didn't know what I was doing!
  8. monty9110

    British washing piwder and fabric conditioner.

    I buy 'comfort' fabric softner as its the closest thing to uk.. Cant help with washing powder.. I miss using the liquid capsules.. surprised they haven't got them here!! I've resorted to buying what ever is the best offer in the shop at the time.. I also get tumble dryer sheets sent occasionally.. lenor make them ( or bounce) & as they're light, don't cost too much to post!! http://www.tesco.com/groceries/product/details/?id=266106094
  9. monty9110

    Hello Everyone

    Hi.. It may be an idea to put a bit about yourself.. have you got children, their ages??? which suburb you live in?? are you working?? where you're from?? your name, doesn't say if you're male or female?? if you want to meet as a couple or alone?? I found that people like to see a connection before meeting. ( sorry if this sounds condescending, its not meant to, just the easiest way for me to put into words ) I have 3 children aged 5,10 & 11 and work casual hours so free sometimes during the week & weekends Sarah
  10. monty9110

    Loud parties

    my neighbours are generally quiet, but they have a few loud parties each year & boy does that make up for it!! Last Party was Australia day.. started at 10am & it wasn't just the music, it was the constant shouting & howls & foul language from the 'men' playing cricket!! After asking them to keep the noise down, I eventually called the police ( along with several other people). As the noise continued, I called them back only to be told that the police had gone round & said the noise wasn't excessive!!!! I told her that it WAS as I was shut inside my house all day with windows & doors shut & my friend could hear them from 2 streets away so questioned if they went round to the back of the house as that's where the noise was!! ( strangely, I stood at the front of the house & it wasn't loud there!) My children couldn't sleep on the night before they were back to school.. They eventually stopped at 11.50pm so I had to endure almost 14 hours of noise!! VERY selfish!! Just wait til they have children & my kids are teenagers!!! Revenge is a dish better served cold!!!
  11. I got my last order from brightstarkids.com.au they have lasted well.. still stuck on strong after a year of washing lunch tubs etc.. They do have a picture on the side but I cut them off for my son who's 11
  12. I think woolworths have a free offer for school lables if you buy certain items.. had a voucher code on my receipt.. maybe worth a look??
  13. I thought car hire would be cheaper if I produced my uk driving licence, but found out that this isn't the case.. worked out a lot cheaper using my Australian driving licence..
  14. monty9110

    Excess baggage on flights

    I had a problem with Tiger.. Luggage was ok, no problems leaving Adelaide however its a totally different case when returning from Tigers 'shed' at the side of Melbourne airport!! I bought less back with me than I took yet they were really picky!! It took ages for everyone to check in. They weigh your hand luggage and handbag/purse combined, which other airlines have never done with me.. I ended up wearing a jacket & jumper from my bag and changing my shoes.. so really my 'total ' weight was no different and I took the jacket off & put it back in my bag once I was on the plane.. totally pointless!!
  15. that'll make it easier for the rubber neckers!

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