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    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi Razor, thanks for your reply. My husband is the secondary applicant in our case. Yes, I have already attached the document on 4th May, as per suggestion from the person I spoke with on the phone (as urgent) and include explanation what test is ISLPR and it belongs to AMEP. While speaking with him, he said: If you want to risk not taking IELTS. It was so confusing for me, and said if You are not accepting it then why recommending it at all. Next what I'll do is attach it again, as you are saying, with comments and click the magic button (Information provided). Will keep posting.
  2. tatush

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi everyone, thanks everyone for all info that you share here. Unfortunately, I've recently started to use this forum, Our case is the following: We applied for PR 887 on the 15 Dec, and on 7th March first CO asked for English evidence for secondary applicant (as we didn't know that was needed). My husband had ISLPR test, run by AMEP. And submitted the documents on 14 March. Second CO contacted us on 3rd May, asking for the same document (stating first and final reminder). I've contacted them asking for clarification, but the person I was speaking only suggest to attach the same document and write that ISLPR is a valid test and approved and recommended by Department of immigration. So, I did email my CO and attach the document the following day, 4th May. I would like to ask for your thoughts, is it possible for the CO to be "not happy" with the given documents and what should I do? Should I just be patient and wait for his response or take IELTS. Thanks for answering.

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