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  1. Adieplatts

    Joiner needing to move before November

    Do you know, if it's possible to get all the needed paperwork in and on route that as long as I have lodged my visa application before I turn 45 do I still keep those points? Does that make sense? I realise I need a good visa agent just need to find a good one. Heard a lot of bad stories about some of them to be honest
  2. Hi im going to try and make this short and sweet but it is eagher long and complicated but I'm hoping someone can help. I am 44 at the present time, 45 in November which I've heard is the cut off age for a visa, is this correct? I have family in Adelaide, a first cousin with PR who is all for sponsoring me. Has this kind of visa where he just clicks sponsor and I've got a visa gone now? ( obviously a little less straight forward than that but you have the jist) ive been told that I can only get a skilled migrant visa now, is this correct? 10 points for my qualification NVQ3 10 state sponsorship or cousin 5 points job experience 20 points IELTS ( English exam superior pass) 15 points for my age is this the only route I can take by getting a skilled migrant visa? And does anyone know if this is possible within the short time frame I have? can I not just find someone who is willing to offer me a job, have them sponsor me and hey presto, visa appears? Has this way now been scraped ? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. Adieplatts

    Making the move to Adelaide in 2016?

    Hello there guys/gals, just thought I'd say hello before I start to fire off my million questions lol anyone ready and willing for them?

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