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  1. Razor

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    I had submitted my application in May 2016 and Received a Grant in May 2017, Just a few days left to complete the year. Yes it is confusing because it is on the discretion of the CO. But as recommended if you want a direct grant, always submit as many documents as possible, which includes overseas Police Clearance.
  2. Razor

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    HI Kamolli, I did not submit my Overseas Police clearance and got the 887. I only provided AFP as even I was in the same boat and hadn't travelled. However if you are looking for a direct grant it is always recommended to submit the overseas clearance too, as it is totally upon the descretion of the case officer to demand it or not. Regards
  3. Razor

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi Mohammed, Have you friends tried complaining on https://www.border.gov.au/about/contact/provide-feedback/compliments-complaints-suggestions/visa-citizenship-service ? If not then I would recommend them to complaint here. They will provide a full report on why this case has taken so long within 15 working days and would get it expedited. Always use the complaint number in email subject whenever contacting via email or phone. I have seen you always receive a response within few days. I was in a similar situation but not that long. 40 months is too long. If they have already filed a complaint and the department has not provided response in time. Then it is better to file a complaint in court if the case is genuine and proper proof is available like email correspondence. Filing a case doesn't reduce or increase your chances of getting or not getting a 887. It just gets the process expedited. One of my friends whose visa was rejected, did file a case and his visa got approved later as the rejection grounds were not proper, however that was not for 887 but a 189 visa. Killing in a limbo just wastes time and it is always recommended to follow the proper procedure. Regards
  4. Razor

    Visa 887

    HI Mohammed, I haven't seen any discrimination on the basis of country or religion. The have the same basic documentation as specified on immigration site. The only difference I have seen is in medical assesment which is required for few countries, but generally taken under 489 application. These difference are only to prevent health related issues like polio, ebola etc coming from overseas. Regards
  5. Razor

    new PR period

    Your question is not that clear. However I will provide you info. Hope this helps. You need to complete 2 years of stay in Regional Area with 1 year of work in regional area to apply for PR. So its total of 2 years after which you apply for PR. Did you start staying in a regional area within a few days of landing in Australia? If, No then you have to complete the period in Regional Area a total of 2 years. There are cases when the PR visa has been processed faster than 1 year. I have seen many get it in 4 months direct grant if the documents submitted were proper. Now if your question is about citizenship then as they are changing the rules, it will be 4 years of stay after you get your PR (887) unless you apply before July 2017, which doesn't seem to be your case.
  6. Razor

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    HI tatush Is it you or your husband the secondary applicant? ISLPR is accepted by immigration. Sometimes they don't receive document even after uploaded so if they ask better to upload it again and mark in comments "English Eliigiblity" And to be safe sent a copy of the document in email asking for clarification about the document and if they are not accepting it why is it so when their site says "Positive assesment document by AMEP"? Hope this helps.
  7. Razor

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    HI Shankar, As she is under 6 months just submit a letter from pediatrician or GP providing the health status. It should be enough. There is a possibility that CO might request a medical and will provide a HAP Id, but generally that i not the case. But this medical will only be physical checkup, no xrays and blood unless there is some issue with child's health, which was the case for me.
  8. Razor

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    HI All I have been a silent member and reading through this forum has been my support. I finally received my the Golden Mail on 10/05/2017. My Case had been a complex one it seems and was delayed a lot. Applied: 25/05/2017 Case Officer 1: 03/10/2016 - Asked for my birth certificate instead of my child's who was born during this period. Case Officer 2: 19/10/2016 - Provided the clarification on the Birth Certificate and Passport asked for additional documentation. My wife's english functionality and PCC again as it had just expired. Case Office 3: 10/01/2017 - Provided the 489 grant for my child and I didn't receive any other response. Now as 6 months had gone by I started making calls and sending follow up emails. But never received any proper response. I lodged official complaint through the feedback link in March as they had already crossed 9 Months (They increased the processing time in between) Case Officer 4: 04/04/2017 I received a reply within 3 weeks to requesting a medical for my child. And as he had already crossed 6 months of age letter by Pediatrician was no more acceptable and had to get a medical done. My child has weight growth issues being a premature baby and was reffered to MOC to get a 884 assesment from specialist. I got the specialist report (in case if any of you face this issue I would recommend to get the specialist report done as many don't do and get reffered on medical grounds. They just check that person with medical issues is not a liability to the country economically and socially) and replied back using the same complaint number. The medicals took around a month with opinion from Specialist/884 assessment form. And got the golden mail yesterday after a week. Hope my case gives insights to few who might go through similar issues. Thanks All You have been a good support to me.

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