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  1. Hey Abi Sorry for the late reply, I kept forgetting to check the website! I am in Glenelg at the moment...what about you guys? Have you had anymore luck with the visa? I'm just finishing up a 3 month contract then it's back to the grind
  2. Hey guys...I'm 27 and from London but grew up in the South West as well. I'm living in Glenelg at the moment if anyone is keen to meet up for a drink?
  3. Hi Everyone, I have just moved to Adelaide from London to be with my Australian boyfriend. We met in the states last year and got tired with the long distance so I bit the bullet and came out here for a bit. While I love his friends, I wanted to meet like minded people who had done a similar thing! I'm looking for work at the moment too. Is anyone else finding it hard to find causal work? I have a very strong CV having working full time for 4 years but don't seem to be getting anywhere. Any advise would be appreciated! Look forward to 'e-meeting' some of you! Nell

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