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  1. Hey Abi Sorry for the late reply, I kept forgetting to check the website! I am in Glenelg at the moment...what about you guys? Have you had anymore luck with the visa? I'm just finishing up a 3 month contract then it's back to the grind 😫
  2. Hey guys...I'm 27 and from London but grew up in the South West as well. I'm living in Glenelg at the moment if anyone is keen to meet up for a drink?
  3. Hi Everyone, I have just moved to Adelaide from London to be with my Australian boyfriend. We met in the states last year and got tired with the long distance so I bit the bullet and came out here for a bit. While I love his friends, I wanted to meet like minded people who had done a similar thing! I'm looking for work at the moment too. Is anyone else finding it hard to find causal work? I have a very strong CV having working full time for 4 years but don't seem to be getting anywhere. Any advise would be appreciated! Look forward to 'e-meeting' some of you! Nell