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  1. Burgermesiter

    What's On? Gigs and events Adelaide.

    Jet are coimg to Thebarton in June 2018. Saw them supporting Green Day in about 2009 then they broke up and I was gutted. Didn't know they had reformed in 2016 and now they are touring from May. Tickets on sale next week.
  2. Burgermesiter

    What's On? Gigs and events Adelaide.

    Europe sound quite a bit heavier live than they did back on vinyl in the 80s and some of the more recent stuff they've done is definitely more heavy rock than some of the early stuff, but i love 'em. Also going to Foo Fighters on Jan 23. Gutted my favourite Blues guitarist Robert Cray is at The Gov the same night as Europe play Thebby. Any other night and I'd be there. Saw him support Tina Turner in London in about 1987 and he was great. He came back on stage with her towards the end of her set and then she announced another good friend of hers was in the crowd and had asked if he could play a couple of songs with them. Never said who it was and didn't need to when Eric Clapton stepped up. We've been getting back into 70s, 80s disco stuff recently by going to Disco Inferno at The British Working Mens Club. Four discos there in Feb and Mar are part of this year's Fringe.
  3. Burgermesiter

    What's On? Gigs and events Adelaide.

    "Sooo excited I could crush a grape" (for those of the same vintage as me who remember Crackerjack). For the first time ever, EUROPE (Final Countdown, Carrie etc) are coming to Australia in 2018, playing Thebby on May 18. Got our tickets last night. Saw them three times in the UK, first at Hammersmith in about 1986, which I still class as the best gig I've ever been to, then in 2004 and 2006 after they reunited. It's the same line up as from their big successes of the mid 80s. Some may only know the poodle rock days of Final Countdown but they were a seriously good live rock band every time I saw them. Can't wait.
  4. Burgermesiter


    Just an update from original post. Would definitely recommend Parkrun to anyone who enjoys a run or walk and maybe looking for an opportunity to meet some likeminded people. I've been doing the Gawler one most weeks and have done Mawson Lakes and plan to do the new Barossa one at the end of the month and probably West Beach and Clare sometime. Have got chatting to at least a couple of people each time and found one other regular runner who lives in the same little township as me out north.
  5. Burgermesiter

    Magazine article aiming to offer some hope

    Thanks. Hopefully it may encourage someone who has hit similar barriers to keep trying and not give up until all options have been thoroughly explored.
  6. Burgermesiter

    Magazine article aiming to offer some hope

    Couldn't upload article previously, hopefully it should be ok now. Migration article.pdf
  7. Burgermesiter

    Magazine article aiming to offer some hope

    The article is currently only in the hard copy of the magazine. I think they may put latest articles on their website a few weeks later. I've got a pdf copy (3.5mb). I can email it if you pm me with an address. Cheers.
  8. Some other migrants suggested writing up our migration story as it was a bit unusual. So I did and sent it to Australia and New Zealand Magazine. They got in touch and are publishing an edited version in their latest edition (out July 4 I think) under the title "It was all worth it." The story was written with the aim of providing some hope to anyone who knows they want to emigrate but who doesn't qualify under any of the most commonly used skilled, business or family pathways. We didn't fit any of them and at various stages of our migration experience, suffering setback after setback, we really needed to hear some positive stories to encourage us to keep trying. After several years in the process of trying to move permanently to Australia we finally made it, and a few months ago we felt we'd at last completed our journey when we moved into our newly built house north of Adelaide. Please note this post is not intended to be an ad for a magazine or a suggestion to follow the same pathway we ended up taking (as things have changed since). It's just to encourage anyone who really wants to make it happen to look into any possibilities that could work for them. I'll have a copy of the magazine article (or the longer version for those who need help sleeping ) if anyone feels they could do with being given a bit of hope.
  9. Burgermesiter


    I did 5k in 23 mins round our local oval yesterday so if I can do something similar at the first Gawler Parkrun on Saturday I'll be happy. My only concern is that it's an out and back route along the same path which means runners and walkers will be going in opposite directions on the way back. It was tricky trying to get past during the Mother's Day Classic on the same path a few weeks ago, but will see how it goes. My wife is considering doing the walk next week. City Bay entry is cheaper if you register before July 21 and if your son did a sub-60 time last year (which going by his 5k time I imagine he did) he can apply for a sub-60 entry which means you can get underway in the first batch after the elite runners and therefore avoid the main crush.
  10. Burgermesiter


    There are currently 14 Parkruns listed for SA including city, suburbs and towns further out in each direction, so hopefully there will be one not far away.
  11. Burgermesiter


    Haven't been on the forum for a while and was wondering if anyone on here does any of the Parkrun events around Adelaide. They are free timed 5k runs/walks for people of any ability held on Saturday mornings. Hadn't heard of it until a couple of weeks ago but am planning to do the new one in Gawler which starts Saturday, July 8. Hoping to do the ones at Mawson Lakes and West Beach at some point too. I've just registered to do this year's City-Bay 12k in September and plan to use Parkrun events as part of the training.

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