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  1. michaelandstacy

    Ocean Colour Scene Tickets

    Hi mate - $125 for the 2. Cheers
  2. michaelandstacy

    Townhouse for Rent in Glenelg Nortg

    Hi Davey - for the OCS you can have the 2 for $125 - they were originally $158 so a good saving. Cheers ? Michael
  3. michaelandstacy

    Townhouse for Rent in Glenelg Nortg

    Hi everyone again, Sorry have put the link on so you can check out photos of the rental. Please DM if you have any questions! https://m.realestate.com.au/property-townhouse-sa-glenelg+north-421025470 Thanks!
  4. michaelandstacy

    Ocean Colour Scene Tickets

    Hi all I have 2 tickets to sell for Ocean Colour Scene at the Gov on 14th November. They are playing the 'Moseley Shoals' album in full plus all the classic hits - should be a great night! Please contact Michael if interested! Thanks
  5. michaelandstacy

    Townhouse for Rent in Glenelg Nortg

    Hi all, We are moving back to the UK on 3rd June and in doing so are breaking a lease where we currently rent. Would anyone be interested in a rental in Glenelg North? It is a fantastic 3 bed townhouse in an amazing location - 5 minutes from Jetty Road and Moseley Square and access to tram. The property is available from 2nd June. Price is 385 per week. Please contact me if interested. Many thanks! Michael
  6. michaelandstacy

    Indoor football happy valley area

    Hi Tom I would be keen for 5 a side. I am not great though just as a heads up! Thanks. Michael
  7. michaelandstacy

    American Pie Boxset DVD and Avatar Bluray FOR SALE

    Chuck in 'The Artist' then we're all set!
  8. michaelandstacy


    Hi Irishstew where are from back home? I'm from Bangor; been here for over 3 years and love it! Hope all goes well! Michael
  9. michaelandstacy

    Something for Kate tickets

    Hi all I note with despair that the 'Something for Kate' gig at the Gov is sold out already next Friday! (26th Oct). If anyone has 2 spare tickets then can they please contact me as I would love to go and see them! Many thanks Michael
  10. michaelandstacy

    Book group anyone?

    If I can plug my friend's second hand book shop in Glenelg South called 'Mockingbird Lounge' on Broadway - a terrific place to come, browse and read. Plus you can get coffee, cake and snacks. Lots of little groups have been set up here including a book club - but you would have to ask in the shop. Just to say though that the shop is closed until the 31st July whilst Stacey the owner is on holiday. But worth a look! Michael
  11. michaelandstacy

    Henley Beach

    Hi Sharon I'm from Bangor and there aren't too many people from NI around so welcome! Maybe catch up with you guys in the near future? All the best Michael
  12. michaelandstacy

    Foo Fighters Tickets

    Still have 2 Foos tickets - don't waste your time trailing through ticketek website - just call me and I will bring them to you!!! Thanks Michael
  13. michaelandstacy

    Foo Fighters Tickets

    Hi all I have 2 Foo Fighters tickets for sale, for their gig on Mon 5th December if anyone is interested? The tickets are in the gold reserve and are $128 each. If anyone keen just PM me Cheers! Michael
  14. michaelandstacy

    going to adelaide november

    Ciaran how are you going? I'm from Bangor originally and out in Adelaide for 2 yrs now. Great place and I'm sure you will enjoy the banter! Give us a bell when you get over! All the best. Michael ps - do you a Richard Taylor by any chance - he works at the doe as well! Cheers
  15. michaelandstacy

    Pool / Snooker

    Hi Dave I go to Chalkers on Jetty Rd in Glenelg - only 1 snooker table but loads of pool tables and bar - its pretty good in there! If you ever want a game let me know!! Cheers Micahel

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