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  1. Carltons

    School advice - Melbourne

    Ha ha, didn't realise I had done that!! We were torn between Adelaide and Melbourne, hence my viewing this forum, though have made our decision to go to Melbourne due to work opportunities!! Thank you.
  2. Carltons

    School advice - Melbourne

    Hi everyone, Exciting news for us, our visa's have finally arrived!! Can anyone give me any advice on how to find a good school in melbourne? We have decided to find the school and then a place to live and work around that!! I have one child going in to Year 9 and one will have just finished GCSE's so moving to year 12 to commence A-Levels, but how does the system work? I only appear to be able to find schools prep-12 or 9-12 etc.! My daughter will be starting her first year in University so need to find that once schools are sorted!! We only have a limited time too, we are leaving in August next year, with the house going up for sale in the next few weeks! All help appreciated and welcome, thanks in advance.
  3. Carltons

    Adelaide or Melbourne

    We were hoping to secure jobs before we come out there, simply because our children are older than we would like to be for a move like this and need to secure university and senior school places etc. If anyone has any information on any job recruitment agencies that may be able to assist with knowing about transferable skills etc., that would be extremely helpful.
  4. Carltons

    Adelaide or Melbourne

    Thank you everyone, your comments are very well received. I think it sounds as though Adelaide is the one for us, I suppose it's just a case of finding jobs there now, which does sound as though that could be tricky ....... however, we are strong believes in fate and what will be will be, so if Adelaide is meant to be we will find work there ..... fingers crossed and you never know, our paths may meet next summer!
  5. Carltons

    Adelaide or Melbourne

    Thank you for your reply. It's such a difficult decision to make. We live in Sheffield which is a small town/city, absolutely nothing like London or Sydney!! I just want to be able to walk down the road and there be a few bars, cafe's restaurants, shops etc. Nice weather, light evenings to allow us to enjoy time together on the beach or in the pool on the garden! I think I'm swaying toward Adelaide. To be honest, my kids wouldn't want to work somewhere like London, so if Melbourne is anything like that then I don't think there is any concern that they will leave us to go there! We are looking at spending around $750-800,000 on a home, need a 4 bed and want to live somewhere like Brighton or Glenelg (I've been doing my research!!), do you think we will get anything for that price in those areas, ideally would like a new build
  6. Carltons

    Adelaide or Melbourne

    Hi there, I am new to this forum so please be gentle!! My husband (44yrs), myself (soon to be 40yrs) and my 3 children (18yrs, 16yrs & 13yrs), will hopefully be moving to Aus toward the end of August 2018. We were originally set on Melbourne as it appears to be a great city, though after trawling through forums, the feedback appears to be a little negative, likening Melbourne to places like London, extremely busy, over crowded, rat race, and expensive. I am a Midwife and my husband is a senior logistics manager so we need to be in an area (either Adelaide or Melbourne) that will accommodate our professions. My eldest wishes to go to University to study Law and my 16yr old also wants to head off to University to study architecture. We are therefore trying to work out where we would be best placed in Australia. We are from Sheffield, and whilst we like to have shops, bars, restaurants and cafe's on our doorstep, we also like the idea of being near local parks and beaches to go for walks and relaxing days. We would ideally like to come home from work and spend time in our own garden (hopefully with a swimming pool) and enjoy a mild temperature with a BBQ and a beer! We also have two little doggies which will be joining us on our adventure. Can anyone give any advice on which city would best suit our needs, and then also which areas of the city? I know I'm asking a lot!! I look forward to all your help, and please be honest people, this is a huge move for us, especially as our daughter isn't really keen on the move, so it has to be right! Thankyou

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