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  1. Hi, If we are interested to buy instead of renting property in SA, is there any restriction for visa 489? Any tips that we need to look out before buying? Any legal documents needed? Thanks
  2. Norwood Morialta High School

    Great tips Helen! Thanks
  3. Norwood Morialta High School

    Thanks snifter for your advice! Can't wait to get our visa and settle in SA soon
  4. Norwood Morialta High School

    Hi Snifter and NicF, Thank you so much for your valuable information. My younger son will turned 13 years old on 17/1/18. Looks like we may have missed the Yr 7 to 8 transition process. Does that mean that we have to apply through the school directly? We are only able to move to Adelaide next year as we are still awaiting for our visa 489. Do you think we should visit Adelaide end of the year to visit schools and looks for properties to rent? Or we can't do much without the securing the visa first. The school should be able to accept kids during mid year right? Based on personal experience, which term is best to start of? Thanks again
  5. Hi, I have two boys, aged 12 and 15 this year. Planning to move to SA next year and looking for a good high school for them. However, I am not sure if my younger son turning 13 next year will be in Year 7 or Year 8? I wonder if I can send both of them to Norwood Morialta High School? However, I understand that Norwood Morialta High School has two campuses, one for middle school and another for senior school. Anyone who has kids going to Norwood Morialta in both campuses facing any difficulties? R they closed by? Thank you in advances for your comments.
  6. school fees for 489

    Thanks Bignige Looks like I have to check with the school. Any good high school to recommend?
  7. school fees for 489

    hi, I would like to find out if we are on visa 489, does our kids eligible to pay local school fees? We hope to get the visa by mid 2018. We have 2 boys aged 12 and 15. Any advice if we should send them to private school if we have to pay international school fess? Any advice and comments on this matter is greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi, Any idea if families on 489 visas are eligible to pay local school fees? or is it same as 457 visas? Thank you