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    Young Hopefulls

    My fiancee and I are angling to move this winter too, we want to move to Adelaide but we may actually have to settle for elsewhere depending on where we either get sponsorship or a 489. We're making progress with both at the moment. If we make it to Adelaide i'm sure it'd be lovely to meet other people doing the move at the same time! You guys could do a Working Holiday Visa to get a feel for the place although it is important to get a visa while your jobs are on the list! My fiancees just got moved to "special conditions apply" which has made Adelaide much more difficult but still achievable.
  2. Lewis_CW_

    Hopeful of a future in Adelaide

    So we were about to get started for a 489 veterinary nurse and they put it back to "special conditions apply." Gutting for us but there are other ways. We may have to go for it in Northern Territory and spend 2 years there but there's also sponsorship - if we can find some in regional SA and have 12 months experience then we can go for a 489 and we've had some positive communication regarding that.
  3. Lewis_CW_

    4 and a bit years in. Update on how its going.

    Awesome update. I'm talking to a couple of companies about sponsorship and i'm really hoping if it's successful that they'll base me in Adelaide. I loved it there on our travels last year.
  4. Lewis_CW_

    Hopeful of a future in Adelaide

    I won't have the qualification for the managers role, i will soon. But i also don't have experience in that role yet. I can go over on a lesser job that is on the list though which i do have a qualification for, in the role i've been working in for 2 years. I pretty much have researched what i think is a strong foundation of knowledge as to what i need, the only thing i'm struggling on is wrapping my head around the skills assessments but i'm getting there. I didn't mention above but the 489 visa through my fiancee as a veterinary nurse to SA is the best bet but will take longer to save up for. That is if it stays on the list too. It has been with no ceiling so far so who knows, hopefully the 489 may be our way in.
  5. Lewis_CW_

    Hopeful of a future in Adelaide

    Hi everybody. My names Lewis, 33 and live in Cornwall, England. My fiancee and I went on holiday to Oz over Christmas last year as a reccy for the future and we loved it. Visited Port Douglas, Sydney, Melbourne and Noosa via Brisbane but the one place we absolutely loved was Adelaide. I'm currently a key worker/senior support worker in a care home but interviewing to become a manager over the next few weeks with a lot of encouragement from above to take it so i'm hopeful, this will be so beneficial for visa reasons. My fiancee is a qualified veterinary nurse with over 3 years experience and as such her job is available as a 489 on SA with no ceiling so hopefully it will stay on for the foreseeable but if not we have my job as a back up. We hope to get over on a 457/TSS (when it changes next year, if it's as possible!) to experience life in Oz properly but if that isn't possible we'll look into PR visas or longer term sponsorship visas like the 186. All this could change if my job changes. Anyway that's enough of me hellos! Be nice to chat more about Adelaide and visas.

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