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  1. Hi I have a large table, serving table, 6 chairs that recline, 2 stalls and coffee table all match $150ono Also a spare cushion One of the chairs is slightly broken on a recline so can be fixed or just be careful which run its on! Will clean up nicely, I just haven't got time to give a scrub down before we move! All have been kept under cover during winter. Happy Valley location.
  2. Sears Family

    Applying for citzen ship

    Do you have to pay that amount for kids under 18 too?
  3. Sears Family

    Reynella East College and Primary school

    Hi have you chosen? Only ask as my daughter goes in to year 4 this year so prob in the same class
  4. Sears Family

    *** Free Furniture and stuff *** Glenelg East

    Sent you a PM but interested in metal frame futon and single bed if you still have them?
  5. Sears Family

    Hello - I'm not so new here, but never said hello...

    Best of luck Just had my 2 year "Ozziversay" LOVE it here!
  6. Sears Family

    Visa about to expire

    Good luck whatever you decide to do
  7. Sears Family

    Family planning to move to Adelaide in new year.

    I am thankful I didn't really have time to think about it! We took a leap of faith and as at next week been here 2 years We love it here and it is now home, I am by no means going to say it was an easy journey, 1st year was really hard esp as you cant but help compare prices - plus you still have the 'we did this, that and the other back home' BUT we now earn and live in $$ so it's a lot easier. We live in O'Halloran Hill - moving to Happy Valley in a couple of weeks and our kids go to Reynella East College (14 & 9 yrs old), it is a great school and we have seen our kids grades improve significantly since we moved from Seaford, eldest is now getting A's & B's and received a merit award for constant high standards (got bored and disinterested in past school and grades reflected that!). Best of luck with the move x
  8. Sears Family

    Ship Furniture or leave furniture?

    We didn't bring any furniture either, if I were to do it again, I'd certainly bring my white goods but unless you have nice stuff worth keeping I'd say make do and collect as you go - there are plenty of secondhand shops, freecycle, garage sales and gum tree items to keep you going if you're not proud! Plus you do not need everything at once! We had a short term for 2 weeks, was cutting it fine but it gave us momentum to find somewhere! Good luck with it all, exciting times
  9. Hi we stayed in Seaford Meadows for our 1st year, only because we fell in love with the area (holiday let was in Moana) at 1st the commute did not bother me (I work in the city) but it soon became a grind. This April we moved to O'Halloran Hill and LOVE it! It is right for us (think that's the most important word here!) we are 10-15 mins from a beach and 10 mins from the Marion shopping centre, I have also chopped off an easy 20 mins from my drive in every day so perfect! I do miss the neighbours and friends we made as we do not cross paths so often, plus we are not so close to our fav. beach but we'd always jump in the car anyway (seeing as we'd load the car with towels, boards, picnic etc etc...) so that will be no different! I'd say it is really difficult until you actually get here and can look at local shops/schools and know where you will be commuting to. Any regard, good luck
  10. Sears Family

    Renting issues and confusion?!

    Hi Do you have photos of your place in the UK to show how well you kept it? We did that as we're renting ours out, plus we asked friends to give us and our dog personal references, this was one thing I was really worried about but it all came out fine Try another agent, where are you looking as my agent is fab and happy to give you his details KR Von
  11. Sears Family

    IT work in Adelaide

    Hi My techie peeps suggest going direct to companies such as Dimention data, Data Com, Data Action, NEC and Universities. Get yourselves on to Linked In as it is all about the networking in this industry! Make sure you have a good clear profile with a decent photo and some references. Dont forget to explain what Visa you have and what it means to the business. BTW If anyone has experience in or is interested in developing themselves in the area of Information Security Management then PM me! We are looking for people to fill several roles from Junior through to Senior consultants Kind Regards and Good luck Yvonne
  12. Sears Family

    Wanted: Moving Boxes

    hi thats great thank you but we have plenty now thanks :smile:if you get stuck with them put them on freecycle - theyll soon get snapped up!
  13. Sears Family

    what suburb is best for us?

    where will you be working?
  14. Sears Family

    Wanted: Moving Boxes

    Hi Happy to travel to pick up but please let me know if you have any moving boxes you need to get rid of as we're on the move in the next few months! Even if you just have a few to get rid of I dont mind, every little helps Thanks Von
  15. Hi could do with the bookcase if you still have it?

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