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  1. Thank you snifter
  2. Hi there! We’d really appreciate if anyone has any recommendations in what to do in our situation. We have arrived in SA on a 489 Visa and I, as the main applicant, am able to find work (veterinary nurse) and fulfil the requirements for 887 in 2 years time (again I will be the main applicant). My partner who is my dependant on the Visa, however, works in the marine industry and cannot find a job in SA! We have signed a lease in SA and have our residential address here. If my partner was to go and work away on a boat in another state (Whitsundays have much more work for him) would this be a problem when it comes to applying for the 887 Visa or citizenship in the future? We have both our names on the lease so he is technically ‘living’ here.. I am also wondering what the employment surveys for SA entail? Will I need to include my partners employment details in these surveys? Thank you so much :-)