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  1. jtct

    Tour Down Under locations

    Never miss the Willunga stage and Stirling too - getting harder to find a good pitch in Stiring as there are loads of 'hospitality' tents along the grass verges near the screens now
  2. Why is spirited determination and confidence seen as arrogance when its Australia playing? I've seen the way the Brits taunt the Aussies and its not friendly banter You may sigh and say 'it's only a game' but to an Aussie its a heck of a lot more than that - its LIFE AND DEATH This is a proud sporting nation and I'm an Aussie now (well nearly, this time next year I hope to be a citizen). (exit, run, take cover till the dust settles)
  3. Australia in everything since the day we arrived!
  4. I don't want to sound racist but I've heard several bad reports of the NEW Hub complex (in the old Salvos building) - when the place opened up they were all foreign and some of them very hard to understand. I go to the other small practice nearby and they are brilliant. My doctor bilk bills (but not the other 2) and he spent some time working in the UK so understands the differences in the systems. He is getting closer to retirement and only works part time as he likes to spend his spare time camping and off-roading in the outback. The whole staff are very helpful and Ive never had problems with making appointments when i needed them.
  5. Whistlers in Barossa caters for kids - indoor and outdoor play area and 4 'rescued' kangaroos. Others have nice area for picnics or play
  6. http://www.hahndorfhillwinery.com.au/ChocoVino ChocoVino experience (and gourmet platters) at Hahndorf Hill Wineries is great for a treat - girls day out ..... anniversary etc.
  7. Lived near Denbies too (Epsom Downs) nice walks there and fun when James May built his giant Lego house for a BBC series
  8. jtct

    Growing your own

    Yep, zucchinis, eggplants and capsicums seem to be the easiest to grow + tomatoes and herbs. We have a tiny plot and grow all these in containers. Our tiny lemon tree produced 12 lemons last year and its now nearly a metre high - it needs masses of water (and wee) feeding and plenty of sun!
  9. Was up in the Barossa with family last week and McLaren Vale - they loved the Vale and the local beaches too (and it only took 20 minutes to get home
  10. jtct


    Out and about in South Australia
  11. jtct

    What's everyone up to today?

    There were 2 sitting in the middle of the path near the turn to Sugarloaf - I turned round and went back for a coffee! Has happened to me twice now - don't think I'll ever complete that walk (not in thongs anyway).
  12. Yes, that's right - fill out the forms and send back to the UK - It can take less than a month if you're lucky
  13. jtct

    Guide on dental costs

    We don't have medical insurance so LOTS.............. had a tooth rebuilt with resin and Xrays ($265) Full examination and good clean, rough back tooth smoothed over (didn't need a new filing but maybe in the future) + fluoride gel treatment about the same price as the previous week so $500 in all. Could have been worse - i was expecting a root canal
  14. jtct

    How Aussie are you?

    7/10 and I only knew one for sure (TimTams) the rest were guesses.
  15. jtct


    Blackwood Fitness - $155 a YEAR! unlimited classes, small pool and 24 hours - suits me and my budget. Do Fit for Life (for the over 50s) twice a week + yoga and aqua https://blackwoodfitness.com.au/

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