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  1. Noona30

    Buying a home

    Hi everyone, just wondering what the one frame is like for buying a property. How long from finding. Property you like to moving in date? What are the steps in between? Is the market fast or slow? thanks
  2. Noona30


    Thanks snifter, exactly what I thought, now to go manage my husband’s expectations!
  3. Noona30

    How long to find a rental

    Snifter thank you for all your advice! Sorry, I don’t think my original post is clear, I was only asking if it is possible to secure a rental property itself within 4 days to a week, not to choose an area and a school etc in that time. I meant literally time between looking a property and securing a contract. We are also coming for a few weeks as a family in May to scout around for areas that we may want to live and hopefully do a few school visits to get an idea what our options are. The reason I focus on the school it is a way to limit the number of areas we have to look at. I’m not looking at highly sought after schools as I know I may have issues getting 4 places in 4 different grades. But I also know from experience (this is our third international move) that getting back into routine helps my kids to settle, and being at school will give them the opportunity to make friends. We we are already doing a lot of research on property prices in the areas we think might suit us and we know which areas are out of our Budget. But we are looking to rent for the first year to make sure we make the right decision. I’m trying to initially limit our school choices by second language, then by location and hopefully come up with a list of 10-15 areas to look at before we arrive, then maybe arrange a few school visits the second week of our trip. Obviously this will depend on wether schools will entertain this when we are not yet living in the country. I too am trying to avoid the 40 minute school run! I have also experienced this and I’m not looking to repeat it. But I have experienced putting my children into a school that was not right for them, and how unhappy that made everyone! If anything I’m more likely to be overly picky with area since I do hope not to have to move my children’s school again, by the time we move down my eldest will be on her 5th school at the grand old age of 9. To that end any advice you can give on locations with pleasant, caring schools that teach either German or Indonesian at LOTE that may have spaces and where we might not have to pay much more than half a million dollars for a 4 bedroom house, would be great! Or any other advice on choosing suitable suburbs for that matter!
  4. Noona30

    How long to find a rental

    Thanks Helen S, my plan was to pick some schools that have spaces then call agents to arrange viewings of properties we found on websites that we like within the zones for those schools. Looks like it might be possible with a lot of research and organisation.
  5. Noona30

    How long to find a rental

    Hi everyone, we will be making our move to Adelaide in August this year and we would love to have a house to move into as soon as we arrive. This’s mainly so that we can register our kids for school as soon as possible and also to save on the cost of temporary accommodation. Fortunately for us we currently live in Singapore so it is possible to make one or two trips to Adelaide prior to our move to organise things. We will only have 2 weeks after we arrive before my husband will return to Singapore to work, so the more we can organise prior to the move the better, as I will then be alone with 4 kids between 4 and 9 until the next time he comes to visit. So my question is if I come for 4 days or so around beginning/mid July will that be enough time to view and secure a place to rent to start in August? I understand that the procedure is usually open inspections, are most of these usually over weekends or do they tend to be if and when? My husband will continue to work in Singapore for the first few months after the kids and I move while looking for a suitable job to keep the income coming in, so we will have a provable income, albeit not in Australia. Will I be better off hiring a relocation agent? Any advice gratefully received!
  6. Noona30


    Hi everyone, we are in the process of organising everything for our move to Adelaide in August, very exciting! I was wondering if it will be possible to organise a loan to buy a car before/as soon as we arrive. I will not be working initially, but my husband will be staying in Singapore in his current job until he finds a new one (hopefully only a few months after we arrive), so we will have an income. Thanks

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