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  1. Laloona

    Schools private vs public

    Thank you so much for your reply. I just joined this community and would check the kids section to have a little more insight on the school scnene in SA. Cheers
  2. Laloona

    Schools private vs public

    Hi there, We intend to move to South Australia in June 2018 with 3 kids, 17,15 & 12 . The eldest has to go to an IB school to complete her IB DP year 12 there but I am considering if it would be a good idea to consider the other schools for my younger ones, a boy Grade 9 and girl Grade 6 . What fee difference would I be looking at in case of the choice approximately. Would appreciate a fee suggestions of some local schools that offer IB programmes. Is that going to be decided on the basis of our accommodation as I haven’t figured that out yet. Suggestions are most welcome . Kind Regards Amber
  3. Hi everyone, Let me first day how glad I am to find a forum where I can reach out to others who can help out. We are PR holders thinking of moving from Singapore to South Australia for completion of our stay requirements. 3 kids 17,15 and 12 , I would like to them to be in an IB world school and wondering what the fee structures are like. Already in communication with a few, pls do recommend or share any advice about schools there. I have 2 girls and a boy and would like them to go to the same school to make my life easier so I can stay close to school and not have to worry about travel too much . Wishing you all a great day. It’s noon in Singapore and your evening . Kind Regards, Amber

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