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  1. Adelaide Botanic Gardens

    Hi Guys If you haven't been for a while if at all then now is a good time to visit the Adelaide Botanic Gardens in the city while it still has some of it's Autumn colour. Here are a few shots I took on the weekend Cheers, Mick
  2. Botanic Gardens in Autumn

    A few shots of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens in Autumn
  3. Port Noarlunga South/Southport

    Hi Tamara. It's not something I've ever done but I'd certainly consider it :-)
  4. Port Noarlunga South/Southport

    Thanks guys, it's much appreciated.
  5. Port Noarlunga South/Southport

    Hi guys A few shots of the Onkaparinga River mouth at Southport Beach. This website compresses uploaded images quite a lot so these are quite small and low res when viewed. For anyone that's interested in looking at images of South Australia you can check the full size versions of my photos on Facebook at Michael Waterhouse Photography. Cheers :-)
  6. Port Noarlunga/Beachport

    The Onkaparinga River mouth
  7. Hallet Cove sunset

    Thank you very much. It's just a hobby however my images are available for sale for print. Check out my Facebook page. Michael Waterhouse Photography. Cheers :-)
  8. Hallet Cove Spring Sunset

  9. Hallet Cove sunset

    Hi Guys A few shots of the sun setting at Hallet Cove on Monday night
  10. Lightning Show

    Hi guys. A few pics from last nights electrical storm. I really wish I'd have been down at the beach for the sunset as I've seen some cracking shots floating around the internet this morning. As soon as I noticed the lightning I rushed down to West Beach in the dark and luckily I was able to get a few photos even though I got soaked in my t-shirt, shorts and thongs! If anyone's got any more please share :-) Mick
  11. Lightning Show

  12. Blood Moon

    Thanks Di. I'll send them some
  13. Blood Moon

    Taken from North Terrace last night
  14. Blood Moon

    A few shots of the Blood moon from North Terrace
  15. Hi Guys An new album of shots taken on the weekend down and around Victor Harbor