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  1. Northern Mick

    Finding it hard to get a job?

    In that case ignore the PM
  2. Northern Mick

    Finding it hard to get a job?

    Hi Leemina I've sent you a PM regarding your husbands line of work
  3. Northern Mick

    More newbies questions.... sorry!

    There is a good live music scene in Adelaide. It might take a while to get used to Aussie music though.The Grace Emily on Waymouth and the Ed on Currie Street are two pubs you should get to know. Most of the major bands from the UK and US will now play Adelaide when they tour Australia. The Governor Hindmarsh and the Thebarton Theatre usually host the bigger bands unless it's U2 or Kings Of Leon etc. and the mega stars like Beyonce and Lady Gaga play at the Entertainment Centre. Look these venues up online and have a look.
  4. Northern Mick

    Money money money :)

    How long is a piece of string? Are you a family? If yes, how many kids do you have? Maybe you're single. Do you plan to rent or buy a house? Will you have a job already sorted when you first get here or do you plan to spend a few weeks job hunting? Will you ship your furniture out or buy everything new when you get here? Just a few questions that will probably help people answer your question a bit better!
  5. Hi Karen and Susan. Where do you both live? The next month or so is a great time to be in Adelaide with loads going on. I'm 32 and have lived here 4 years now, send me a PM if you fancy getting in touch.
  6. Northern Mick

    Electronics from USA

    Try this site US Mail Forwarding, International Shipping | MyUS.com I've used it before to send over a Apple laptop that I bought on Amazon.
  7. Northern Mick

    Moving To Melbourne

    Good luck with everything. It would be great if you could post an update in 6 months and let us know if Melbourne is everything you expected it to be. I moved to Adelaide on my own in my late 20s and have never felt the need to move anywhere else because Adelaide for me is lively enough. It must be true that Melbourne is a much more happening place because so many people say it but whenever I've visited, (granted it was only for weekends) it hasn't blown me away in that respect. A beautiful city and the sporting capital it certainly is though. All the best in your new adventure Mick
  8. No worries, I'll send you a pm next week
  9. Hi, I work for a print company in Adelaide and deal with lots of design agencies. There are many in Adelaide and I don't think there would be too much problem finding work for your partner as long as his cv was up to scratch. I could give you a list of the main agencies if you want to contact them direct but I think it would be quite hard to secure work until you're actually in the country! Mick
  10. West Beach Football Club play at Lockleys Oval. Pre-season training starts on Jan 20th. PM me if you'd like more info. Ta Mick
  11. Northern Mick

    Glad we made the decision to move on

    I didn't realise this. I thought property prices were higher in Brisbane than in Adelaide!
  12. Northern Mick

    Wierd Bicycle laws

    come on guys, you know this is a wind up right? Although to be honest the OP of these s**t stirring posts always brings up subjects that can raise a worthwhile discussion!
  13. Northern Mick

    Things I've grown used to since being here..

    Great post Dianne, although I've found in my 4 years here that us poms use different sayings and words depending on where you're from in england! For instance, I would use pants to describe trousers but my mate from London doesn't believe me! Textas got me when I first started work. I had 4 permanent markers on my desk and 3 different new work colleagues asked if they could borrow a 'texta' and I replied each time 'no sorry I don't have any'. They must have thought I was pretty tight! Oh and I thought it was the law in england as well that everyone had to wear a helmet when riding a bike but I might be wrong.
  14. Northern Mick

    Where are all the single people?!

    Hi guys, I can't make the 28th August, got something else on. Maybe next time
  15. Northern Mick

    Where are all the single people?!

    count me in guys
  16. Northern Mick

    Calling all shopaholics! Who delivers to Oz?

    Because the exchange rate is so good at the moment it's worth looking at the US online stores like amazon.com for instance as well. The only drawback is the shipping costs but you can use this site and create a US mailing address and they then forward to oz at a reasonable price. MyUS.com | U.S. Mail Forwarding, Worldwide Shipping I've not used it yet but will probably be trying it soon.
  17. Okay so very similar to me then when I first moved here. I arrived 4 years ago when I was 28 and I'm from Leeds so a similar city to Manchester. I've gotta say my experience is the complete opposite to yours. I'm lucky that I've lived close to the city, the beach and work since I've lived here. (Lockleys, Brooklyn Park) so maybe where you live affects your social life, do you live far away from the city? I can't ask for any more in terms of nightlife, there is plenty going on in the city and I have good weekends out every week and I know what a good night out is after living and working in Leeds. One thing I will concede is that Adelaide is very quiet during the week compared to places like Melbourne and Sydney, although the Summer months aren't too bad. As for Adlelaide being full of old biddies, I'm not really sure where you're going out on a weekend but there's loads of 20s to 30s out partying. And the amount of hot single women is unbelievable! I've made loads of mates, british and aussie through work and playing football who are not dawky. Maybe thats the sort of people who are drawn to you? As for work, if you are any good at your job then you can do well here. I'm certainly better off in that respect but it took a while. I'm sure it can be hard in certain professions though! I work in graphics/print and the industry is fine here. It's not easy to make a new life for yourself in a new country but you've gotta have the right attitude and you've got to get out of your comfort zone and make the most of it. I'm pretty sure your original post was a bit of a wind-up but thought I'd add my thoughts anyway. It sounds like you won't be happy wherever you live but I hope that isn't the case. I honestly think I'm the luckiest person in the world living in South Australia with all it's got to offer but each to their own I suppose.
  18. Hi Bigmouth, how old are you if you don't mind me asking? What do you do for a living and where are you from in England?
  19. Northern Mick

    AFL is a joke

    Any chance to big up Liverpool e-football? see ya on footballnews this coming season:D
  20. Northern Mick

    AFL is a joke

    The Aussies don't have a culture of singing and chanting at sporting events full stop, it's not just AFL. Aussie supporters in stadiums support their teams differently to how football fans around the world do. Like I said before, it's just different. This doesn't make the sport of AFL a joke though. It's a great sport to watch if you get a game between two evenly matched sides. Some matches are good, some are boring, just like in our football. It takes a while to learn the rules and the various players but it's worth it if you can get into it. So yeah, it is nothing like going to the game on a saturday afternoon in England with your mates and to be honest I miss that as well but this is sporting life in oz. Get used to it or don't bother with it. You might prefer the Netball at ETSA stadium?
  21. Northern Mick

    AFL is a joke

    Yes you're right about the atmosphere being quiet compared to football games in England but that doesn't really make AFL a joke does it? I personally prefer to watch games on TV rather than going to AMMI stadium because of the atmosphere but I also reckon it's a good thing that families are able to go together to watch their team and the women and kids feel safe doing so. I also think it's pretty cool that families set up barbecues outside the ground before the game and make a day of it. It's different to what I was used to for years in England so I liked it when I first saw it. It's just different mate, thats what makes living in oz interesting for a lot of people.
  22. Northern Mick

    Where are all the single people?!

    Hi guys, hope you had a good night out on the 17th. I'd be interested to meet up with you all if you organise another one. I'll keep lookout on this thread. Cheers Mick
  23. Northern Mick

    Road rage

    I think Adelaide drivers are fine. Been here 4 years now and have always found driving here really easy. The main difference I find is that drivers can't grasp the concept of letting other drivers out at a junction but apart from that it's fine. I've driven everywhere, north, south, east and west and don't have a problem at all. I went back to the UK for the first time this christmas and driving there was ridiculous. I know where I prefer to drive.

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