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  1. Hi guys




    A few shots of the Onkaparinga River mouth at Southport Beach.


    This website compresses uploaded images quite a lot so these are quite small and low res when viewed.


    For anyone that's interested in looking at images of South Australia you can check the full size versions of my photos on Facebook at Michael Waterhouse Photography.


    Cheers :-)

  2. Hi guys. A few pics from last nights electrical storm. I really wish I'd have been down at the beach for the sunset as I've seen some cracking shots floating around the internet this morning.


    As soon as I noticed the lightning I rushed down to West Beach in the dark and luckily I was able to get a few photos even though I got soaked in my t-shirt, shorts and thongs!




    If anyone's got any more please share :-)



  3. The area still looks beautiful in winter.


    These are absolutley stunning.

    Would you consider selling some of your pictures?

    I have some frames and am wanting to put some new pictures up. Officeworks can enlarge pictures (other places may be better???) and I would love to use some of yours.


    Hi Tamara, seeing as you were so complimentary I'll give you some prints. Send me the frame sizes and I'll enlarge the ones that you like.

  4. Hi guys.


    After living in SA for 8 years I thought I'd pay Hallett Cove a visit for the first time on the weekend and take some photos. I was very impressed with the place.


    So seeing as though lots of poms choose Hallett Cove as their place to live I've added an album. This might interest people that haven't arrived yet.




    Please let me know if the link doesn't work

  5. You can still be a proud brit and not get offended by the word Pom. I got my citizenship last week and still regard myself as English. It just means I can have 2 passports now for the convenience of leaving and entering both countries.


    I will add that I love living in Australia and Adelaide and think the locals are great. My life is much more enriched living here but I always be English and proud.

  6. Sorry but anyone that takes offence to being called a POM is probably going to struggle with the whole migration thing to any country. You've gotta be made of sterner stuff I'm afraid. I can almost picture/guess the type of character we're talking about. Very nice people but easily offended and have a tendency to not get on with folk.


    Probably a bit harsh on my part so sorry if I offend but COME ON!!!

  7. Hi guys


    My sister is just about to start her application for a visa to work and live here in australia permanently and after speaking to an agent she's going to apply for the Skilled Independent 189.


    I suggested that I (as her sibling) might be able to sponsor her but she's been told that siblings can't sponsor.


    Can anybody on here quickly confirm this so I can tell her that this is true. I always thought that once I had citizenship I would be able to sponsor her but apparently not!!


    Cheers Mick


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