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  1. JimandBarbinAus

    Citizenship and passports

    I don't think so, also a quickie.... Perm Visa granted nov 2010 validated jun2011 on separate trip made move jul 2012 Does the 4 years towards residency count from Jun 2011 or jul 2012??
  2. JimandBarbinAus

    Citizenship and passports

    Hi guys we are perm residents in aus been here 2 years now and can apply for citizenship in a couple more which we will do however my uk passport is just about to expire. I've no plans to travel outside oz in the next 2 yrs so can i just apply for an oz passport then and in the meantime let my uk one lapse? Is that ok just don't want to pay for 2 passports if u know what I mean, thanks all....
  3. JimandBarbinAus

    Am I being realistic??

    By the way also when arrived 2 years ago even to register with an agency they wouldn't take you on unless you had 2 years experience I started off agency however there are minimal permanent vacancies available now anywhere.
  4. JimandBarbinAus

    Am I being realistic??

    Hi I had to have 2 years post qualification experience to be able to register with aphra, this had to be uk based as tied in with uk qualification I would contact aphra see where you stand.
  5. JimandBarbinAus

    Chippie wanted

    Done!!! Thanks doug m where would we b without u :biglaugh:And a bump too bump it up people!!
  6. JimandBarbinAus

    Chippie wanted

    Hi after a pommie carpenter got 2 internal doors which need hanging and fitting got all the stuff from bunnings just need someone with the know how happy to pay cash in hands would expect a 10% pommie discount though he he xx live in onkaparinga hills cheers
  7. JimandBarbinAus

    When is adelaide home

    We don't think you really reach a point where it's called home, we have a house here and we think of that as our home, as for Adelaide defo where we will spend our days the city rocks and we are passionate about this place like no other. I think it helps aswell if you can find good friends this Definetly helps you feel settled, and feel like you have a future here if you not only love the place but the people you have here too.
  8. JimandBarbinAus

    Christies Beach Townhouse Rental - available 28/3

    Now let out thanx for all the enquiries guys!!x
  9. JimandBarbinAus

    looking for rental in port noarlunga/christies beach

    Cheers Janice the house has now been let Soz xx
  10. JimandBarbinAus

    Hello, moving to Moana soon

    Hi bal, think you may struggle to find a rental which takes dogs you may have to widen your search areas to find a rental which does accept them.
  11. JimandBarbinAus

    Christies Beach Townhouse Rental - available 28/3

    Hi bal yes will do sorry no pets here
  12. Hi breaking lease on a lovely immaculate beachside location townhouse both walking distance to Christies and port Noarlunga beach. Walking distance to port Noarlunga primary also. This has been a great home for us starting off and have been here nearly 2 years now the only reason we are moving is we have bought not too far away. The house is modern immaculate low maintenance, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms low maintenance garden double garage 350 p.w pm this is available from 28/3/14. Pm me for further info, cheers, Laura
  13. JimandBarbinAus

    Cost of fitting a new kitchen

    Hi just wondering from people's experience how much it costs to install a new fitted kitchen in Adelaide, I'm thinking the cost of the actual units themselves along with the installation?
  14. JimandBarbinAus

    Tax return info needed

    Hi the time has come round so quick and were in the process of lodging out first Aussie tax return. Just wondering before we saunter off down the accountants do we need to take centrelink letters detailing our quarterly benefits payments? Not sure if these are needed? Ta everyone
  15. JimandBarbinAus

    Looking for a house to RENT from 17th of JUNE

    Hi Samanta without the h, ur best bet is short term rentals, plenty advertised on Internet, have a google laura

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