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  1. jaynem

    British foods

    Coles at West Lakes and at Findon sell Wispas, Double Deckers, and Minstrels.
  2. jaynem

    Money Saving Tips: Cinema's

    Odeon Star cinema in Semaphore $9 tickets anytime.
  3. Im a mental health nurse and have been working in the Eastern suburbs in a CMHT for the last two and a half years. I was sponsored on a 457 by SA Health and would advise you to go for a permanent visa instead. Good luck
  4. jaynem

    Anybody seen 'The Wire'..?

    Seen it and loved it. Big Sopranos fan too
  5. jaynem

    Arctic Monkeys on in Adelaide!

    They were here in 2012......good gig. Also very excited
  6. jaynem

    Cat question

    We brought two cats with us aged 9yrs and 8yrs. They coped very well with both the flight and quarantine. Spend their days basking in the sun now.
  7. jaynem

    Oranges and Sunshine - Child Migration to Australia

    I watched that film recently and found it very distressing and difficult to watch. Its so hard to believe that such a harsh and cruel policy existed . I found it hard to understand the rational for the deportation of these poor children......so bloody cruel!!!!!!!
  8. Hello we came over in September 2011 with Qantas on a 457 visa and got 40kg baggage allowance each (two adults ,two large suitcases each).
  9. jaynem

    cat laws!

    Hello yes we brought two cats with us.... approx 30 days spent in quarantine...they've settled really well and seem to spend their days snoozing in the sun!!! Cost appox two and a half grand all in!!!
  10. jaynem

    Todays News: Migrants need deodorant!

    As a politician I'd have thought she would have more pressing issues to discuss than BO and queue jumping!!!
  11. jaynem

    verdicts on short term accomodation????

    We rented from Donna Jacobs at Kingston Park.....great apartment in an excellent location and a very good service overall. $700 a week.
  12. jaynem

    Arctic Monkeys on Tuesday 10th Jan

    Yes we are....really looking forward to it. Never managed to get tickets in the UK.
  13. jaynem

    AHPRA - advice

  14. jaynem

    AHPRA - advice

  15. jaynem

    AHPRA - advice

    AHPRA took eight months to sort out my registration last year!!! Hopefully they've got their act together and are sorting out applications more quickly. Good luck

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