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  1. On 3/16/2020 at 5:15 PM, a4anudeep said:

    I'm from QLD.
    My timeline
    Citizenship Application Date :  15 Oct 2019

    Interview/Test Date :  31 Jan 2020 initially but I reschedule to Feb 17th 2020 

    Approval : 17 Feb 2020

    Ceremony date:??? 

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    Hi @a4anudeep,

    Me too from QLD. Few questions for you.

    Was it regional QLD or not? Where do the applications get processed faster?

    Can I start preparing the application earlier and submit on the date when I am become eligible to submit Citizenship Application?

    Which documents do I need to upload when I am submitting it?


  2. 56 minutes ago, Russki said:


    Wow! They must be inundated. 🙂 I think, SA did the same thing. For the same reason - large volume of applications. So this must be officially the end of 489. 👋 My agent called 489 "a dog's visa" because the conditions are so cruel and you have to be very brave and desperate to go for it! 😄 

    Hi Russki,

    489 was not that bad after all. I figured I learnt to have patience, how to reach out to my Member Parliament, how to file complaints etc etc, while I'll still be able to apply for the Citizenship at the completion of my 4 years (+-few months) in Australia.

    One thing for sure, I will be filing lots of complaints for rest of my life here. LoL

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  3. 22 hours ago, TAN said:

    Hi Everyone, 

    Finally I got my golden email after 11 years of stay in Australia. 👏💃

    Applied: 7/5/2018

    First CO Katherine contact for baby medical on 26/6/2019. Baby medical submitted to department on 2/7/2019. Also done baby photo stat dec on 5/8/2019.

    Granted : 13/8/2019.

    CO: Rajani.

    I’m over the moon! Can’t express the happiness and really grateful for this forum friends,

    Special Thanks to @Bern83, @Russki, @peace_at_heart And @Honey

    @Bern83  I wish you will get your grant with in this week too. 

    Note: I did a polite request to grant my  visa on comment and complain online as per this forum. 

    Hi TAN,

    Congrats to you and your family. 

    Let's keep making this country a better place everyday.

    Stay Blessed!!!

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  4. 20 hours ago, 887australia said:

    Congratulation Ruskki Hope You remember me. We applied together for 887 You know what though I got my Grant in 6 month TIme I use to Check 887 Whats the update every three days to check did you got the Grant. I was very happy when I saw your Grant Post. 


    Also I forgot to Inform you Guys 

    My Citizenship Time Line 

    Citizenship Application Date :  13 April 2019

    Email Test Notification Date :  12 July 2019 

    Original Test Date : November 2019

    I reschedule it to : 17 July 2019

    Approval : 17 July


    Yes I got the approval for Citizenship  ( 3 Months Turnaround )

    Now waiting for the Ceremony


    I will keep you Guys Updated 

    Thank you 

    I am not there yet, but I just wonder how do you rescheduled?

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  5. Hi Experts,

    I am asking this question on behalf of my friend who is on 489. 

    Question: Only primary applicant for 887 needs to fulfill 2 year residency/1 year work requirements? The secondary applicant had entered in Australia few months later, would that be okay? or shall we wait to file until everyone is here for 2 years?

  6. Hi All,

    I knew sooner or later, I would get to write these words here. GRANT GRANT GRANT!!!


    I am thankful to you all here in forum and in this wonderful country we call home now.


    Our journey started in Jan-Feb 2016, and It has been 1250 some days. Let's make this place a better place than we got to. 


    @Russki Thank you for all your wisdom, let's see you in the Citizenship thread. 




    After going through my emails, I saw that the same CO that granted us today, also answered our Global Feedback Unit Complaint within half-an-hour span. This reassures me that Complaints definitely work. 😄

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  7. 22 minutes ago, Happy and lucky said:

    Hi guys, 

    Do we have a time limit to take insurance after landing in Australia, on 489 visa?

    I am not on any insurance for now as I wasn't sure which one will suit us best and it's about two months that we are in Adelaide now. 

    Will this cause any issue during 887 ?

    Hi Happy and Lucky,

    Is maintaining health insurance one of the requirements of 489 visa? I dont think so. I have not read it anywhere.

    The only condition I see on my 489 visa is - 8539 - MUST STAY IN SPECIFIED AREA.

    I hope this helps you.

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  8. 1 minute ago, Riaz said:


    Hi mate,

    I can remember you submitted on paper medical assessment which include GP letter and consent form.

    Did they changed the status of child medical?

    Why exactly they asking now? Please share.

    I applied on 8.2.18 and last request was on paper medical assessment which i submitted in 5th june. Still showing medical required.


    Hi Riaz,

    I spoke with my agent, he said they have just issued a HAP ID to you today (which is standard) but since the child is below 6 months, the department will see it and clear the child for medical examination.

    He asked us to show some patience.


  9. Hi All,

    Although I had submitted Letter from GP earlier, the CO has asked for Medical Examination for my 3 month old child today. I spoke with Bupa Medical, they suggested either wait for until the child turns 6 months old or provide Assessment on Paper from GP.

    What do you guys suggest I should do? Its frustrating.



    Hi @B3sT are you still around, I know you had similar issue being asked for medical examination of less than 6 month old baby. What/how did you do it?

  10. 10 minutes ago, Bern83 said:


    From what I can see on the tracker, your baby was issued with a 489 and BVA. What other document request did you have?

    From the grants the last couple of days, I gathered they are granting visa with late May request dates, so yours will be coming through very soon I think.

    Hi @Bern83,

    They requested my casual employment contract (because I had earlier submitted my payslips for the same) and details of each employer I had worked for in Australia (including details of unemployment periods). They also requested eMedical consent form signed for the baby.


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  11. 9 hours ago, Happy and lucky said:

    Hi All, 

    I really need you help, I am in Adelaide on 489 and it's just been a month. We are planning to extend our family but I am unsure of any health insurance which gives no waiting period or small waiting period for pregnancy cover's.

    Can any one please help me or guide me the best way to go through this.

    Bupa or most insurance have 1 year waiting period and I am really not looking to push it to another year due to certain health conditions and having a baby without insurance is again very expensive ( is what I heard till now).

    I don't know what to do from here, any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

    Please please add your thoughts:)

    Thank you!

    Hi Happy and Lucky,

    You can call health insurance companies and find out the waiting periods. But what I would like to give my input on is thinking beyond the delivery cost, prepare for the worse. Pregnancy can turn out to be nightmare if there were any complications before or after the delivery (right now you are not even considering any of that). I had Bupa from first day of my 489, but I still waited until I filed the 887 and got medicare.  Yes, you will have your concerns but waiting here or having delivery overseas may help you.

    Hopefully this helps.

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  12. 1 hour ago, himal said:

    Hi everyone 

    i got my pr last year.i am seeking a different topic advice from you people.

    thanks in advance 

    my case is

    i work in the restaurant as a chef.one of the employee is applying her pr.she got a nomination.but he has done a fake work experience.she was shown as a full time employee.she get full time payslips,super ,salary everything.but he has hardly work in my work place.i think my boss got a big money in returns of fake work experience.now the situation is immigration office ask her to provide more supporting documents.so my boss has asked me to write a statuary declaration saying she has been working full time since last year which is not true.

    i got a advice from my lawyer not to write a false declaration.my boss is insisting it should be a problem as she has got payslip,full time roster,super ,salary etc.so I told him I can't write the declaration.

    but he is trying to convince me saying nothing will happen.



    congratulations for those who got their grants and good luck for everyone who is desperately waiting

    last not the least 

    congratulations to ruski ,so happy for you .you have helped me and so many people


    Look Himal,

    1) The person is in trouble NOT because of you. 
    2) Him getting or not getting PR, does not affect your situation at all. Worse thing can happen you will loose the job, but if your lie get caught and prosecuted, you may end up creating criminal record for yourself. You may not be able to become citizen, or may get deported.
    3) Tell your boss, my conscious tells me not to lie, and I am only chef, I don't how many hours this person works etc. Its not part of my job to track work hours, so I cannot provide statutory declaration.

    Last Thing: To become real Aussie, you should have left that "Hey Bro, help your countryman attitude" at the airport in your country. Let's make this place a better place as it is, not a copy of what we have left behind.

    Hopefully this helps.

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  13. 19 hours ago, Ekam said:

    Hi ,

    how it works, if baby is more than 6 months and get grant later.

    are we still eligible for Centrelink payment?

    can u pls advise little bit in details?

    thanks in advance 

    Hi Ekam,

    I have not checked with Centrelink but I have checked with my employer only. What I understood was, that I would be able to get those 18 weeks with-in one year of the birth of my child.

    Hopefully this helps.

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