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  1. 1 hour ago, himal said:

    Hi everyone 

    i got my pr last year.i am seeking a different topic advice from you people.

    thanks in advance 

    my case is

    i work in the restaurant as a chef.one of the employee is applying her pr.she got a nomination.but he has done a fake work experience.she was shown as a full time employee.she get full time payslips,super ,salary everything.but he has hardly work in my work place.i think my boss got a big money in returns of fake work experience.now the situation is immigration office ask her to provide more supporting documents.so my boss has asked me to write a statuary declaration saying she has been working full time since last year which is not true.

    i got a advice from my lawyer not to write a false declaration.my boss is insisting it should be a problem as she has got payslip,full time roster,super ,salary etc.so I told him I can't write the declaration.

    but he is trying to convince me saying nothing will happen.



    congratulations for those who got their grants and good luck for everyone who is desperately waiting

    last not the least 

    congratulations to ruski ,so happy for you .you have helped me and so many people


    Look Himal,

    1) The person is in trouble NOT because of you. 
    2) Him getting or not getting PR, does not affect your situation at all. Worse thing can happen you will loose the job, but if your lie get caught and prosecuted, you may end up creating criminal record for yourself. You may not be able to become citizen, or may get deported.
    3) Tell your boss, my conscious tells me not to lie, and I am only chef, I don't how many hours this person works etc. Its not part of my job to track work hours, so I cannot provide statutory declaration.

    Last Thing: To become real Aussie, you should have left that "Hey Bro, help your countryman attitude" at the airport in your country. Let's make this place a better place as it is, not a copy of what we have left behind.

    Hopefully this helps.

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  2. 19 hours ago, Ekam said:

    Hi ,

    how it works, if baby is more than 6 months and get grant later.

    are we still eligible for Centrelink payment?

    can u pls advise little bit in details?

    thanks in advance 

    Hi Ekam,

    I have not checked with Centrelink but I have checked with my employer only. What I understood was, that I would be able to get those 18 weeks with-in one year of the birth of my child.

    Hopefully this helps.

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  3. 12 hours ago, TAN said:

    Hi All, 

    can I ask one more question, is there anyone got maternity leave paid after they get PR ? @peace_at_heart I remember You discussing regarding this few months back 

    Hi Tan,

    I still have not got the PR but I was able to get 12 weeks of employer paid parental leave after having baby. I believe once I have the PR, I can still go get the 18 weeks of Parental leave from the Centrelink.

    Thanks for asking the question.

  4. 14 hours ago, Delfin said:

    Hi @peace_at_heart, do you mind sharing with the group what work documents you initially submitted to IMMI? Thanks.


    I was working as casual worker before becoming permanent worker at my workplace. I had originally submitted 35 hours per week Payslips both from Casual and Permanent work, along with the copy of Permanent work contract.

    I have submitted 1) Casual work Contract 2) A letter listing entire work history in Australia 3) Super statement



  5. 8 minutes ago, Bern83 said:

    An employment reference letter usually covers all that info, also did you supply pay slips, ATO assessments and super fund documents?


    I don't have an answer for the medical, but would like to ask how old your child is if you don't mind.

    I am sure my employer cannot provide employment reference letter. Whats the alternative?

    My child is 2 months old.

  6. Hi Folks,

    I have been contacted today. CO has requested the following. Can anyone guide me?


    Our records show that you arrived in Australia on your SP 489 provinicial visa on XX/XX/XXXX.
    Please provide details and time periods of any employment (Employer name, address,
    role, type of work, and any other infomation that you feel is suitable) from XX/XX/XXXX until
    XX/XX/XXXX. If you were unemployed at all during this time period, please also include that
    Please also confirm the address of your claimed current employer, XXXXXXXXXX.

    Please provide the following:
    1. A letter regarding the health of the child from your child’s Australian treating general
    practitioner, paediatrician or obstetrician. The letter should state that the doctor has
    examined the child and provided details of the child’s health and development including but
    not limited to:
    General health, growth parameters (height, weight and head circumference) hearing, vision,
    and if relevant, chromosomal abnormalities, physical or intellectual impairment, or conditions
    that may result from maternal-foetal or maternal- neonatal transmission (for example, HIV
    2. A signed eMedical consent form (see blank form attached)



  7. 52 minutes ago, Russki said:

    GRANT!!!! GRANT!!!! GRANT!!!!!

    Guys, this blissful day has finally arrived for my family!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

    Applied: 25 September 2017

    07/02/18 - CO Dat, PCC from Russia; questions about my schooling, travelling etc. 
    12/04/18 - CO Dat, address of ex-husband from 15 years ago. 
    16/01/19 - CO Peter, parental consent verbal confirmation for my kid. 
    09/05/19 - CO Sophorn, asked for updated AFP, when it was already submitted in February 2019.

    Grant: 17 May 2019, CO Peter

    I am laughing and crying and I think will be very drunk tonight. 🍾 Love you all! 🤗

    Congrats @Russki. Happy for you. Please Celebrate responsibly!!!! 😄


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  8. On 5/11/2019 at 4:57 PM, March9th2019 said:

    Hey guys 

    just few statistics updates

    6 million visitor visas were granted in 2018. 200,000 student visas. However, when it comes to skilled visas to grant for the applicants who have applied onshore be it 887,187 or 186 visa, they take ages. All the aforementioned subclasses can only be applied if an applicant me Australia work requirement unlike 189 and 190. To check the documents which are submitted from Australia, they take years. Current system is total crap. Hope the labor government wins the federal election which is due in a week and clear all the backlogs. For Christ sake just employ more COs. They charge $7000 for partner visas. If 100 people apply, $700,000. Which is equivalent 100 more COs getting the job a year. Only Peter Dutton knows what he has done. 

    Just my thoughts

    I think the visa allocation is much more complicated than simply being hiring more COs to process applications faster. The government sets yearly intake targets, then its distributed among different visa subclasses. They also have to take into account who will or who will not be entitle to Medicare/Centrelink, and how much stress those services is going to come under if PRs are granted. 

    Honestly, whatever their visa allocation process can remain as-is, all they have to do is start calculating the processing time cleverly and stop fluctuating time. For example, if they tell me 6-8 months at lodging, they should stand true to their words to process my application during the said period. Everyone will be just happy.

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  9. Just now, Doman said:

    I think that's because we have broken the website.😎 You can't believe, I login at least 10 times a day to check if they have changed the processing time. 😜😁

    My pdf is loading all okay.

    It could be your browser issue as well. Check if your internet browser supports PDFs.

  10. 1 hour ago, Russki said:

    Guys, I was contacted by immigration today. CO Sophorn asked me to submit a new AFP, because apparently my old one has expired. Well, this is not true, I attached updated AFP in February 2019 in my immiaccount. AFP dated 31 January 2019.

    I called immigration and asked for explanation. Was put on hold for 40 minutes. After hold they told me to just attach this AFP again, because there must have been a system glitch and the CO did not see it.

    ARE THEY FOR REAL???????? 😞 Guys, honestly, there are no words to describe my frustration right now. To add insult to injury, when I told the girl on the phone that I have been waiting 20 months already, she said: "Oh, we are not concerned about 20 months wait, it's nothing, we would only act on your case only if it was double that time"... 

    Its around the corner. I can see it coming.


    Almost there!!!

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  11. 2 hours ago, March9th2019 said:

    Hello my 887 visa applicants. 

    I clearly don’t understand why people are so frustrated about the processing times. The immigration has made it very clear that it WILL take 12-15 months to process the 887 visa application. Although it is showing 16-17 months on the immi website. If people aren’t aware of the new regional visa 491, please google it. The requirement for that is the applicant musta stay in regional area for 3 years before he can make an application for PR. The immigration is clearly trying to imply this on 887 visa applicants to make us stay in regional areas for about 3 years. And they succeeded by increasing the processing times. A year wait will lead to bright future for rest of our lives in this beautiful country. 

    If someone is planning to buy a house, and waiting for 887 visa, hey, why don’t you guys keep on saving a bit more and you you can save not paying LMI. 


    If if someone is waiting to move to bigger cities for job opportunities, hey, why don’t you guys keep continuing your current job and keep shortlisting the companies you wanna apply for and also compare the cost of living in each METRO cities


    If someone is waiting to get married? Hey, just get your partner in visitor visa and enjoy till you get the grant. 

    Just enjoy in this beautiful country as long as we are staying legally as there are many people awaiting for the invitation to apply permanent visa and we are waiting for the grant of permanent visa. 

    While I enjoy this beautiful country day in and day out, I want to be respected by its institutions as well.

    I lodged the application and was told to wait 6-8 months. As soon as I reached 8 months, It started extending. Last I check, It was at 16-17 months.


    While you preach about having patience, you failed see people's logic. People like me feel that immigration department is taking advantage of us because we are immigrants. Had any other department has promised an Australian Citizen for 6-8 months, and then kept extending, Australians would go nuts. In Theory, they can keep extending as long as they like, then whats the point of having processing time anyways? They have been failing at basic customer-service promise.


    Let's wait and talk when you are finally granted. I would want to know if you still sound as cool as you sounded in above post.



  12. 14 hours ago, Russki said:

    I've been thinking about it for a while. They look into cases over 12 months old 🙂

    Hi Russki,

    I have go ahead and filed the complaint.

    Crux of the argument with the Immigration Department should be "No, the visa processing is NOT within the time frame department had mentioned when I filed the application"

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  13. 10 hours ago, 8jan said:

    Thank u so much for all the effort you are all putting towards getting immigration to work. I called immi again with the hope of getting my daughter born January 2018 added to my  application lodged 15months ago as my file still shows received 9months after filling form 1022.sadly all I got from them was a directive to apply for 489 for my daughter.This is so depressing 

    Are you sure? Check my timeline below. I added form 1022 few days ago, my newborn has been granted 489 and bridging visa A already.

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