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  1. I have no clue. Does this help anything? Is it sentimental value you are shipping a car that old and worth only £1500? Given you may be without it for many weeks and will probably need to hire a car in the meantime (or buy), plus other expenses, it may not be cost effective shipping it, unless for whatever reason you cannot bear to part with it. Also, does it have good working air con, as that is needed for a fair chunk of the year. I'd not drive a car without it here.
  2. Eastern (north eastern and south eastern also), in the foothills around Belair/Blackwood way perhaps or close to the CBD suburbs with that budget. 20 minutes drive to a private school of your preference would be more than doable then. And give you lots of options. My husband went to Westminster and thinks highly of it. We still attend events there and know people at the school. However, I'd not live too close by in the area but would prefer to be a bit more up in the foothills somewhere or closer to the CBD with that kind of budget as the area around the school is medium density for building and much is being sub divided and smaller blocks therefore. Could find a fab house in the foothills and be within 20 minutes drive of the school. Have friends whose kids go to Scotch and are very happy there. Also St Johns Grammar. Have friends with kids in other schools but those are a few to start with.
  3. Really cannot help on the job front I'm afraid. Hopefully there is someone out there who may shed some light. I'd trawl the employment websites to see what is listed for Adelaide.
  4. Hello and welcome Lots for you to read thats for sure Not sure what you mean by 'held back' in terms of school. Depending on their age and DOB they'll most likely go into the year group that tallies with this. So would be in the correct year group for their age. In terms of being ahead or held back, keep in mind it is a different education system and it can take a while to adjust so its not a bad thing if kids do a full school year plus whatever of the same they had already completed in the UK (ie a term from Sept-Dec before the move). As to where you may want to settle and so on, much will depend on where you find long term work, your budget and your preferences of area. Enrolling at a state school is very simple once you are here. If the school is zoned, you need to live within the zone and you will be given places at the school. Outside of a zone, you need to apply and if they have room, they may offer places. But they are not obliged to take your kids. Non zoned schools, they encourage you to attend one closest or close by over one a longer way away for obvious reasons. But they will take children who live farther away. Private schools, can read their websites for applications for places and fees etc. Depending on what visa you are moving on, it may be worth while either renting your house out for a year or two (if able) till you are sure you can see a long term future in Aus and then selling. And then buy here when ready. Would be a shame to sell up to find you don't settle or want to move interstate after a year or so. Of course, some need the funds from a house sale to finance the move so its not an option to rent the home out.
  5. I used Skyscanner for one my trips to the UK but can't recall who I booked through. Had no issues with the tickets or payment being delayed. I do prefer and up till that trip had always booked direct with the airline. Usually can find a decent deal that compares price wise. Most recent trip I booked direct as they had the same price listed (more or less) on their website for the dates I wanted. I think it was $50 or so difference. Travel time wise, Emirates seem to be doing the most direct shorter transits these days. Singapore tend to have long layovers which is fine if you have time or want to stop off there for 8 hours plus but we didn't. Longest we had to wait in Dubai was 2.5 hours and it gave us enough time to get off one flight, go through security, find our gate on the board and head there. Once there, had a drink and freshened up and boarded a bit after.
  6. Gareth at GT Plumbing may be worth giving a call. Based not far from you. He's done some work for us over the last few years and we've always found him really helpful and his work good.
  7. Hello and welcome I don't have any experience of the visa you are on but can imagine that the temp aspect could be confusing to potential employers who don't understand how it works fully. I hope you are able to secure something soon. I'm guessing as you are in a temp visa the childcare rebate isn't available to you as this can help a great deal with childcare costs. Even without it OSHC isn't crazily expensive after school so it might be worth researching that at your local school to see if it could give you more options for a longer working day? Oh, you mentioned preschool so figure that could be what is costing more atm. Have you looked into family daycare or does that cost the same as kindy or perhaps is more cost effective? I'm not sure quite how the costing for that goes off the top of my head.
  8. There are a number of decent agents that post on our sister site PIO. Any of those would be a good starting point if you are in a hurry. I don't know what the latest is on age requirements and how it works I'm afraid.
  9. Really would not like to say re form 80. I don't know how common it is that people have to submit it.
  10. Just been reading your posts over on PIO and it looks like you are now heading to Melbourne. If that is the case, good luck with the move
  11. Yes, the 457 has been stopped. If you really want to get on this quick then I suggest you consult and be prepared to pay for, a reputable migration agent to help you. If you really have no clue of the process or what it may entail and want to lodge quickly, an agent can tell you soon enough if you'd meet the requirements. I think you have to lodge an EOI first however and if that is accepted you'll be invited to apply.
  12. Tend to agree with the others. Things like decent childcare can be found in most areas. Some places have waitlists but you can usually find a place when you get looking. Or you have a daycare near to your work and take kids in with you and pick up on the way home, rather than having a daycare close to home IYKWIM. I know a few people do this. Suburb wise for your budget, you could go most directions. I don't see the big deal in getting a short term rental for a few weeks to start you off while you check out areas, get familiar with things, get your bearings and so on. I'd rather do that than find I'd rented long term in the wrong area before finding work or anything else. You could be tied into a years lease in an area that doesn't suit and you'd be stuck somewhat. Most people rent short term for a few weeks at least, then find their longer term rental after that. The east is good access shorter commute times and bus routes but not sure how far your budget would go there especially if you want a pool. Also as has been pointed out, many of the outer lying suburbs are just that, suburbs and not much else outside of the mini mall, chicken shop and local pizza or Chinese or some such. Its not like the UK with pubs and shops dotted around, everything in the suburbs tends to be residential with dedicated business/shop areas set apart. So you don't walk to your local shops (nor are they usually within walking distance for most), you drive. Same with parks, doctors, all those things. Where we live, its a 45 minute each way hilly walk to the nearest main shopping mall for our suburb and the surrounding ones. There is a much smaller one not quite so far away but it only has half a dozen shops to it. So I drive to do my shopping and sometime cycle if its only a few things I need. Or else I swing past places like the butcher on the way home from work. Walking isn't an option. However, for things like parks, reserves, trails and so on we have them all pretty much on our doorstep or a short walk or bike ride away. Local swimming pool (indoor and outdoor) are 15 minutes drive. Beach the same at most. Even some of the suburbs closer to the city are a bit like I described above only with perhaps the odd small shop dotted around but mostly the shops are on main streets or intersections. I'd look at some short term holiday rentals for when you arrive, some of our members have them and you can see listings on the forum. Might be a good place to start. And then go from there. If I were doing it all over again, I'd do more to try to settle in Stirling, Aldgate, Bridgewater or Clarendon as I love all those little towns up in the hills (plus they have good primary schools serving those communities). And they are not that far from the city, half an hour or so for most of them, Clarendon would be longer. I love it up there and had we been able to find a house to buy when we were looking it'd have been wonderful. As it was, nothing came on the market that appealed enough and so we went elsewhere. Very happy with where we ended up but it is on the edge of suburbia and the little town community that makes Stirling etc so lovely isn't here in the same way. Still, we've made friends with all the neighbours, gotten involved with local sports clubs and other things. All good I love the peace and quiet up here. Noisiest noise are the wild birds.
  13. Glad you've found them useful. Hubby cycles into work. Takes him about 50 mins going down the hill, an hour, hour 10 coming home, depending on which route, weather etc. We take the train on the Belair line. From our stop its about 30 mins on the train as I said, and 40 all up with the short drive to the station. Drop me a PM if you want to chat more Happy to help but don't always have time these days for long posts on the forum and if you want more details I can then rabbit on and off via PM
  14. I think NicF has a good point about the suburbs. I am along the same lines as her in how I find and feel about them. While the beachside suburbs are for the most part very nice, some are lovely, they really hold no appeal to me whatsoever to live in long term. We spent the first 7 months in Glenelg living and after a few months I'd had enough. I too much prefer the eastern side of the city, the older homes and all that. Having said that, because I am a country girl we settled up in the hills more on the very edge of a suburb with hills and fields within 100m of our front door but can be in the CBD within half an hour for an evening out or some such. And at the beach in under 15 minutes. If you want easier access to the CBD in rush hour I'd look at being close to a train line or the tram line over a bus route into the CBD. At least then not stuck in rush hour traffic on the road then. Plenty of places to choose from along those routes to get you going. If we drive to the train station and catch the train in, its 40 minutes all up, if we took the bus in rush hour it would be 70-90 minutes or thereabouts. I know which I prefer.
  15. I think most of the online tests use these ones anyways. Least when I've looked they've all been the same. Do the proposed changes affect you at all re applying for citizenship? I think it depends on when you lodged, before or after a certain date recently. Though I've not read much on it tbh, just browsed as until they decided exactly what it will now entail there isn't much to be done.