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  1. snifter

    Sponsorship by employers

    First off, are they even eligible to be sponsored. As in is their profession/trade on the list? This is a good place to start https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/work/work/skills-assessment-and-assessing-authorities/skilled-occupations-lists If the profession/trade isn't on the list, even if the company wants to sponsor them, it wouldn't be possible. There is no point them contacting immigration for information. That is not what immigration is there for, they don't give out visa advice or tell people what visa they should be looking at. If they want to apply for a visa they either need an agent or to go the DIY route and research it all themselves. The link above is a good starting point and people should be able to work out if their profession is on one of the lists or not and go from there.
  2. snifter

    Morialta Conservation Park

    Its always great to see them isn't it We have regular visitors in our back yard and often see them passing through the front yard or down the street. Still love looking for them and spotting them when out and about too though. The old look down to spot the poo and then look up to see if you can spot the koala has worked many times
  3. snifter

    Cost of kindy in adelaide

    If you are not entitled to claim anything then it will depend on the area you settle in and what the local kindys charge. If you opt for a state one you should find the price is reasonable. You can find info here https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/education-and-learning/early-childhood-education-and-care/preschool-and-kindergarten Private kindy's I'd expect to vary, depending on area, demand, facilities etc. You'd have to contact them to enquire as to prices and space/wait list. TBH until you are here and have settled on an area, you probably can't do much to find a place. Or if you can find one nearer your place of employment may also be an option.
  4. snifter

    Someone migrating to Adelaide this September

    Hello and welcome Those places you will be working are a long way the opposite side of Adelaide from where we are. Well over an hour away on a good day. I have never visited or spent time in either place tbh (not visited other suburbs either tbf ) Having lived here a good few years now, my trips north of the CBD or anywhere north of about Prospect are few and far between. Occasionally venture Gepps Cross way for work. I don't know if you know much about those areas/suburbs but I'd say you'd be well advised to research them well and also suburbs within a reasonable commute for somewhere to live. I'd google the suburbs, see what feedback you get. Also read local news online, check out local events etc that way also.
  5. snifter


    Are you two people posting from the same account? Just another thread asks about teaching.
  6. snifter

    Single Parents

    Hello and welcome Not a single parent. Moved here with my Aussie hubby a few year back now. Son is 11 next birthday. Hubby worked from the get go and so it was left to me to get on with things child wise and to make my own friends, explore Adelaide and so on. Lots to do, just depends on you and your teen. Interests? Sports played? Beach or nature lover? Music? Something else? My son took up diving a while back and is loving it. Also does squads swimming. And plays footy, cricket and does athletics including cross county and track events. We are Adelaide Crows members also and play club footy (son and husband) which is a very social thing for parents I’ve found. We also do things like hike some nature trails, cycling, boogie boarding at the beach in the warmer months, movies, theatre, festivals (cars/motor sport, music, fringe etc), local attractions and more. Recently took a road trip and did the Great Ocean Road. Happy to meet up when you arrive if you would like. Or to chat a bit more via PM
  7. snifter


    Here are the RU clubs http://sarugby.com.au/play/clubs/ My nearest one is Brighton. Seems pretty popular. Much will depend on where you live as you won’t want to be travelling an hour or more to go to a training session or some such. Or to cheer on a home game if supporting.
  8. snifter

    Early Years Teachers

    Hello and welcome Not sure you can do anything while in the UK. It may be you have to wait till actually here before you can begin the registration process. Re school, reception is a very popular age group job wise and you probably need to be prepared to hand out your CV to lots of schools and go into the pile (our school has a big stack of CV’s for relief work and many teachers often have preferred teachers know to them for relief teaching that they use and don’t need to resort to the pile much). Also if you are coming over mid year it could be harder going to find work. Being here for the start of the school year could be more useful in that respect to be available from the off as often as the year goes on teachers start to build up regular relief teachers or use ones well known to the school. Or you could find you land some relief work the first week and are away. Impossible to know, but plan for it to be taking longer so as to ensure savings etc to see you through. I’d suggest savings to see you through 3-6 months would be at least the minimum. As far as permanent or year contract posts go, IIRC they are usually listed mid year, June/July/August for the following year. You may well stand in better stead for those if you are already known to the schools listing them. I know people who go year to year at the same school, starting with relief work, then term or year long contracts and waiting to move up in line as it were for the next permanent post that may come up that they are suitable for. It can be a long uncertain wait as they don’t know if they’ll get another year even. Being able to teach a language or some such could be useful (if it’s a language taught here). Or else look to country schools, at least a couple of hours or so out of Adelaide for the year long or permanent posts. Those are harder to fill and it seems to be viewed as a good thing to get some of it under your belt to return to Adelaide with. It’s not for everyone and it can be hard going as I understand it and often a long way from anywhere in terms of city or large town. I know of one teacher had to move a 14 hour drive away to take a year contract as could get nothing here, only relief work and it wasn’t enough. Now back in Adelaide with a year contract at a primary. I know another who teaches at a country primary in a long term post. The school is ranked low on the educational disadvantage index (from 2015) and is hard going, they love it there. It’s closer to Adelaide though so they can get to a more densely populated area within a few hours.
  9. snifter

    Dad and daughter looking for things to do

    Depending how far it is from you, the beach and conservation park could be an option. There are some lovely trails to take in the conservation park there and not too hard going for a little one (or if she needs to be popped up on your shoulders). Not really suitable for a pusher though I don't think. You don't have to hike miles or anything, can take a simple steady wander. Cafe at the start there by the carpark and beach. https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/parks/find-a-park/Browse_by_region/Adelaide/hallett-cove-conservation-park There is also Glade Crescent reserve. Has a play park I seem to recall. Also check local listings for play groups. Usually run by local churches but sometimes by other groups. Outside of that, can't really think of much else. Its a pretty residential area tbh and doesn't have a huge amount going on. If you are relying on public transport, you could take the train to Marion for a swim at the SA Aquatic centre. Has a great little kids pool area and is a short walk from the Oaklands Park train station on the line https://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/routes/SEAFRD http://www.saaquatic.ymca.org.au/
  10. snifter

    3 Years in and loving Adelaide

    Hope its all going well for you that end. Once you reach the point where the house is selling and you are looking to book flights etc it all suddenly starts flying by and before you know it you'll be landing in Aus. Good luck with it all and let us know when you arrive
  11. snifter

    887 current update

    You need to post in this thread here https://www.pomsinadelaide.com/topic/44612-887-visa-whats-the-update/
  12. snifter


    Hello and welcome. I"m not aware of anyone recently on here looking to rehome a dog. In all honesty, you are probably better going through one of the known rescues if you are looking to rehome. RSPCA, SA Dog Rescue https://www.sadogrescue.com/ (they tend to list more dogs on FB I think) or the AWL https://awl.org.au/adopt (we found ours listed by a small rescue on this site). Also Scruffer Lovers is another one https://www.petrescue.com.au/groups/10238/Scruffer-Lovers?listings=active#pet-listings (they are on FB also). And of course the Pet Rescue site in general for SA rehomings listings https://www.petrescue.com.au/listings/search/dogs?page=1&per_page=12&state_id[]=6 (Jett looks adorable on there IMHO).
  13. snifter

    Teen needing teeth braces

    That seems very steep. We have relatives with full braces and who didn't pay close to that. Cannot imagine its more than doubled in price in just a few years. I'd probably phone round a number of dentists and get their pricing. I tend to shop around for dentists and our son goes to a different one to us and I'm planning on changing to his one also after 2 years with my current one. Mainly because of pricing and I am fed up being asked for all these expensive extras every single time I go in.
  14. snifter

    Moving to uk

    You may find more people who have made that decision and who actively post about it all over on our sister site, Poms in Oz https://www.pomsinoz.com/ We have quite a few active members from all over Australia who are currently in the process of moving to the UK for various reasons.
  15. snifter

    Shipping stuff

    I'd check with your shipping company. You say weapons so would need to check they can be imported or if you require a licence.

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