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  1. You can always use the PM system to get in touch
  2. Coming to South Australia in February 2018

    Check our rentals available section I'd try to go with something reasonably central or with good access to rail link if further out. That way if you don't have a car you can at least get around to the city and anywhere else. That time of year is the start of the school year so SA will see schools go back on Jan 29th. Hopefully holiday rentals will be a bit easier to come by by the time you arrive. How old are your kids?
  3. Driving

  4. As far as I know you can. No point only applying for one at a time when you can view a number a day.
  5. Stirling market

    Give us a shout if you are going to the November one as I may head along there again to have one last shop before Christmas. Could meet for a coffee
  6. Hopeful of a future in Adelaide

    Hello and welcome I honestly have no idea about the 457 these days or the changes they may be making to it. Until it comes time for you to be ready to apply and you know your skill/profession is still on the list etc then you cannot really set anything in stone. Will you have the required qualifications for the managerial route. I'm guessing you would and you've time to research exactly what they will require for Aus visa purposes if you go on your job. Glad you liked Adelaide. I am rather taken with it also and been very happy here for a fair few years now.
  7. Stirling market

    Its great for small gifts. I went to the UK a few months back and shopped for a heap of small gifts to take back with me. Most of them came from Stirling market. Most made locally also. I found a lady who does some lovely small pottery, she makes these lovely leaf dishes (you know the sort, with an actual leaf set into them for the pattern) and some fun cute little pottery snails and some cat ring stands (you pop your rings over the tails to keep them safe). All small, lightweight and could pack safely. She is down one of the side streets off the main market row, on the lower side of the hill. There is also a lady on one of the main rows who makes native wildlife glass window wotsits. Coloured glass and makes designs of native birds like kookaburras, fairy wrens, lorikeets and the like. Hang them in the windows or on porches to catch the sun. Again, small gifts but easy to pack and transport. And then of course things like the local handmade soaps from eucalypt trees and other smellies. Also grabbed some local hills jams and stuff from some weirdly local fruits. Oh and a few things like wine bottle stoppers with an old Aussie coin in the top. Those sorts of Aussie things but not the usual tourist stuff.
  8. Stirling market

    In the run up to Christmas (yes, its November and so I can mention it ) Stirling market is well worth a visit. It usually runs on the 4th Sunday of the month. In December the market is running the 3rd Sunday of the month so there are two to go before Christmas. If you have not visited it yet or its been a while since you last checked it out, it could be a good place to find some small personal gifts or stocking fillers or small presents to send back to family in the UK or elsewhere. We love it as its a lovely town to wander, plenty of shade and lots of different stalls down the streets and side streets. Plus many of the shops are open also. And some lovely cafes for coffee or nibbles.
  9. Jacaranda season

    If you have young kids, they may well be singing this as they start to see them appear
  10. Jacaranda season

    Its that time of year again, jacarandas in bloom. There is a famous Aussie song about them also. If its your first spring in Adelaide, go check out some of the tree lined eastern suburbs or the areas around the CBD that have them (Adelaide uni for starters as you can see in this video). Unley, Burnside and Mitcham have them. North Adelaide has a fair few also. Stunning to see.
  12. Pro and semi pro soccer clubs

    If that club appealed soccer wise then it does open up a decent area within your price range for a property that’s for sure. And within a decent distance of Marion for the pool also. You could look at a number of the southern coastal suburbs and inland ones (going to the edge of the foothills up Coromandel Valley way) and also some smaller towns in the foothills would still be an option. Within that sizeable area are some good school options also so you should be able to find something to suit. Hallet Cove has a fairly big British contingent it seems. I am told the schools (some of them at least) have a fair amount of kids from the UK and given the popularity of soccer back there it could well be that the Cove soccer club has a fair amount of British kids playing at it. I don’t know how much club soccer costs in the UK but here it’s not cheap compared to many other sports and training can be up to a few times a week. A friend was paying $600 plus for her son to play club soccer this past season. Reading the Cove site it does seem they only have limited places for kids under 9 (I guess demand is high and they have a limit on numbers, I’d expect that all all the decent clubs tbh) and you may well need to email them to discuss.
  13. Pro and semi pro soccer clubs

    Their website says state league.
  14. You may need to ask this in the 887 thread as often those posting in there only read that thread and reply. They don't venture to other threads around the forum.
  15. Pom family relocating to Eastern Suburbs Nov 2017

    Yeah, the summer heat can be a bit hot . It can be pretty horrible in the hot dry summer heat here for sure. Hairdryer in the face sort of thing when that wind from the north kicks in. I've sent you a PM. Not sure what you are viewing from but if its a computer or browser on tablet then there will be a notification in the top right of the page. A little envelope. It'll show as having a message, click on it and you should see the message. Just click again if you can't see it in full I did remove your personal info from your post also as we have rules re that sort of thing on the open forum. Safety and all that.