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  1. snifter


    Hello. I'm rather out of the loop with how long the process or invites are taking these days I'm afraid.
  2. snifter

    Working holiday visa age increase

    The rules for the WHV are changing again somewhat it seems https://www.businessinsider.com.au/australia-working-holiday-visa-changes-2018-11 I think the most important thing for your sister to consider is if she would be eligible or could qualify for sponsorship. She still needs to meet all the requirements and so on. If she is unskilled or doesn't have the relevant qualifications/experience etc in the field then she won't be a candidate for sponsorship. Personally, I think if able, its preferable to gain that PR visa before migrating. Visa rules can and do change and while a door may be open now for applying, it might not be in a year or two's time. Or it might not be a profession that could be sponsored or some such.
  3. Its been much discussed and will finally be happening in 2022. Year 7, which is currently the last year of primary, will officially move over and become the first year of high school. Currently high school starts in year 8. Having said that, many private schools already start from year 7 intake and many kids move from the state system into private in Y7. State schools will all move in line with this from 2022. Year 6 will be the last year of primary and Y7 will be the first year of high school. Here is the Department for Education page explaining the changes https://www.education.sa.gov.au/sites-and-facilities/year-7-high-school And here is a news article explaining how this has happened https://indaily.com.au/news/local/2018/04/20/labors-school-millions-to-help-bankroll-year-seven-revolution/
  4. snifter

    Advice on schools please - Adelaide Hills

    If your eldest is 10 then it could be they won't start HS till 2021? I only ask as my son is 10 and in Y5 here currently and so has another 2 years of primary and is the very youngest in his year group because of how the year cut off works here. It doesn't run with the school year as it does in the UK. Some kids are a year or more older than him in his year group (as much as 16 months older with a few kids in his year as it turns out, although that is not the norm). Y8 is the official start of HS here but quite often lots of kids go to a state primary and then parents move them across to the private system in Y7. Most private schools these days have a Y7 intake to adjust to the private HS setting and also to be in line with other states. Its worth noting South Australia is going to transition Y7 into high school from 2022 anyways. So schools will only go up to Y6 from then on https://www.education.sa.gov.au/sites-and-facilities/year-7-high-school Ours is in a state school at present and very happy but understands we may opt for private for HS. Quite a few of his friends we know won't be attending Y7 at the primary school as the parents take them out to move them into the private system then. Keep in mind that often the schools, although they are R-12 don't have the primary and HS within the same campus. Usually close by, within a 5 minute drive or so. If you are going to be living in Belair/Blackwood/EdenHills area then I'd think if St John's suits it makes more sense than having to leave earlier in rush hour to get down the hill to a school and be stuck in potential traffic queues for ages each day. At least being local its easier to get around for school drop offs or pick ups if the kids are not walking, taking the train or a school bus. I've sent you a PM to explain our school situation a little bit better and perhaps give you a different aspect to consider
  5. snifter

    Advice on schools please - Adelaide Hills

    If you are wanting to go private and in the Belair area then perhaps look at St Johns Grammar. Its got a primary and HS. https://www.stjohns.sa.edu.au/ You've also got Scotch in Mitcham down the hill a ways. We know people with kids at both. We are also considering them for HS for our child in a couple of years. And a couple of other private schools also. Plus the local state high school which we both really liked. Having taken tours of various schools now, I am keeping an open mind. TBH as to if its similar to your current UK private school only you will know once you take a tour. As to if you need to enrol, I'd not worry as until you are here and have visited it and some others schools to compare. What might suit one child, may not suit another. Or you may prefer a school with a different outlook/approach. You can use this website to research more info on all schools https://myschool.edu.au
  6. snifter

    Confused about partner visa application

    Do you qualify for the partner visa? Just you say your partner lives in Australia and you are from the Philippines. And then you say about Vietnam. Whereabouts are you actually living? If you are not currently de facto (long distance dating for example doesn't cut it for partner visa), I don't know if the partner visa is what you should be looking at.
  7. snifter

    Advice needed

    Sounds like it is falling into place ? Good luck with it all. If working in North Adelaide you've plenty of options rental wise to start you off and then can take a bit of time exploring to find something that suits better in the longer term and is in your price range. I work in North Adelaide and travel in from the foothills. In rush hour it can be 45 mins in the car but outside of that I can often do the drive in about 35 mins from home or back home. I could also take the train and then walk or take the bus over to North Adelaide but honestly, in the warmer months the heat is off putting. Plus I sometimes drop my husband at his work in Kent Town so its handy to drive. Mostly he cycles to work though. Keep in mind your budget when renting a longer term rental as this can impact later on when it comes to buying if you cannot afford to buy in the area or surrounding areas. It could mean a move further out somewhere and changing schools/childcare etc. We started in Glenelg and spent 7 months there but knew early on it wasn't for us in the long term. So we looked further afield but within a max 45 min car commute in rush hour into the CBD and less at other times. Found our perfect spot and have not once regretted it. Lovely area, lots of nature, good schools, facilities and an easy trip to get to the city, beaches and hills from our doorstep. Plus good access to train and bus if we need it. And we didn't blow our budget either ? Our son settled into his new school easily (and it was a much better school than the one he had left when we moved from Glenelg) and we were really happy from the off also.
  8. I'd probably be seeking professional advice. I'd hope there is a way for your parents to get their visa info but if your brother is not complying they may need to go via official channels.
  9. snifter

    Advice needed

    Hello and welcome. I honestly cannot offer any insight into the visa aspect as I really am not familiar with it or the route you are considering. Has the advice you've been given come from a decent migration agent? Or elsewhere? Personally though I'd say it was a fair risk (and a cost unless a chunk of it is met by the sponsor) to make a move the other side of the world on a temp visa that may not end up turning into PR. However, if your kids are younger (I'd say under 7, at least not over 10 or so for GCSE options at HS a bit later on) and your OH is committed to giving it a go with you, then why not have an adventure. If its a 2 or 4 year stint you then have in Australia and the experience of living in another country, what it has to offer and then returning to the UK once the time is done, its not a bad thing IMHO. Having lived overseas in various places around the world I think its a great thing to go do although with 2 kids and a partner in tow it does of course alter the risk factor somewhat. Often a temp visa can be a good way to test the waters and if you or your partner are not so keen it at least gives you a definite return option at the end of it if its something that doesn't suit you or end up being something you want to make permanent. However, it can also be the escape route to talk yourself out of it if you are even a little bit uncertain or hit a rough spot for a while. Mind you, even with PR some people return to the UK (or wherever it is they came from) within a year or two, sometimes less, sometimes a little longer. If you have both spent time in Aus (and Adelaide) before now and liked it and want to give it a go and if your kids are young enough its not going to uproot them from GCSE or their study path beyond that, I'm all for the adventure and at least having a couple of years on a temp visa. If you like it here and can turn it into PR after that, big bonus obviously. But don't set your heart on PR happening just in case it doesn't for whatever reason. Accept going in its a temp visa and make the most of that and if you can get PR from it, fab, if not, be prepared for a return in a few years. PS - If you own your own home in the UK, what do you plan to do with it? If on a temp visa, I'd be very wary of selling up. If you did gain PR and wanted to sell to enable you to settle in Aus longer term, then you could do so then.
  10. snifter

    Where to live?

    If you like Hallet Cove and prefer to rent or buy there and can do so, go for it. I’m not a fan of the suburb but plenty do like it and live there happily. As for surrounding suburbs, depends what you want from them. You’ve got Trott Park, Sheidow Park and I guess could look at Reynella and Lonsdale if you really wanted. All probably a bit cheaper than Hallett Cove but am a bit out of the loop market wise of late so not sure. None of them floated my boat, we did look at numerous houses in some of those suburbs when looking to buy and honestly, those suburbs were not for us (lack of appeal in the area, main road/expressway running so close, lack of a nature feel, school options and commute made them no go’s for us).
  11. Unless a state primary school is zoned, you can enrol your child at your nearest primary school without issue. And can even go a little further afield should you prefer one slightly further away though the school may suggest you consider the one closer to you but that doesn’t mean you *have* to send them there. We preferred one a bit further away so did this the first 7 months till we bought well out of the area and then moved schools to keep close to where we bought our house. It also happened to be a zoned primary school and we were within the zone for it after we moved. No brainer for us as we didn’t want to stay long term in Glenelg or keep our son at the school we had decided on for the interim (till we bought elsewhere). It was a nice school but not a great one. So suited our purposes for the short term but not longer term plans. Our current school I rate far more and haven’t looked back since we moved there. Son is happy and doing really well. Moving schools didn’t harm him at all and he settled within a few weeks. Not many primary schools are zoned. If they are, for most of them you do need to be residing within the zone to apply for a place but if out of the zone you can apply to the school direct and see if they offer you a place. I’d suggest taking your time researching areas and what you want from them and the sort of school you are wanting/hoping for. There can be a big difference between areas and schools.
  12. snifter

    Return to UK with Expired Passports

    Also, do you have the fathers permission to take the kids out of Australia permanently? I’d ensure you have it all done legally and not leave it to he said, she said at immigration or at a later date when back in the UK.
  13. snifter

    Return to UK with Expired Passports

    I’d expect you can use the Aus passports to enter the UK and get a 6 month visa stamp in and the expired UK ones at the UK immigration as back up. You have birth certs you can carry with you to prove their UK citizenship once back. Double check and ask over on our sister site Poms In Oz. I do recall reading about people not having valid UK passports and using Aus ones to enter the UK and then carrying expired UK ones also.
  14. snifter

    child medical

    As far as I know you need a HAP ID for the medical.
  15. snifter


    I have posted a reply in your other thread. We prefer to keep to one thread per topic, not multiples. I'll therefore lock this. People can reply in the other thread ?

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