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  1. aircon, heating, house of a shape that is actually physically possible to heat (open plan onto the stairs can be problematic...). lots of plugs in all rooms, indicative of relatively modern wiring. check the windowframes for gaps/mould that might indicate leaking. check the ceilings for signs of leaks etc tidy garden generally indicates the place has been reasonably looked after
  2. RockDr

    Two passports ?

    Given steve hasn't actually officially renounced his UK citizenship, he is a dual national, just in denial...
  3. RockDr

    Two passports ?

    International law states that you're supposed to enter and leave any country that you're a national of, on that country's passport. So when travelling from Australia to the UK, you would show your OZ passport to leave OZ, your UK passport to enter and then leave the UK, then your OZ passport to re-enter OZ at the end of the trip. When travelling to other countries, you can use whichever is most convenient (e.g. your UK passport to enter europe, or your Australian passport to go to the US if you can't be bothered carrying both)
  4. RockDr

    Xbox queries

    no, he'll need an australian account due to being in Australia (the xbox marketplace can tell from the IP address). He will need to change his hotmail account location to Australia, and if using credit card to buy points, it needs to be an australian one.
  5. RockDr

    UK Passports

    As an aside, it's just kids who need their renewals countersigned. Adults only need a counter-signature if their appearance has changed lots since the last photo.
  6. some newspapers have property sections on certain days, but I'm not sure which days/papers, hopefully someone else on here will know
  7. RockDr

    driving licence

    actually the roundabout laws are slightly different to in the UK, so you might want to read up on them...
  8. RockDr


    define gas cooker. are we talking camping gas stove, BBQ type cooker or kitchen hob?
  9. RockDr

    How do you renew UK passport in SA?

    the other posts are quite correct, print off and fill out the forms, including the checklist for renewing passports. As she is a child, her photo and form will need countersigning (adults don't need this unless their appearance has changed lots since the last passport photo). Then take everything to a post office and they sort it all out. It gets sent to the office in New Zealand to be processed, then you old passport and any other supporting documents are returned to you, and you new passport is courriered from the UK (as of august this year, they're printing all passports in the UK, basically because the machines for the new security features are really expensive)
  10. RockDr

    Cash Passport

    I still don't get why the banks in Australia use this system, it would far less processing costs etc if they just put equivalent charges on people's normal debit/credit cards, rather than charging the fortune they currently do and making people get the useless travel cards instead.
  11. RockDr

    Cash Passport

    The ANZ travel cards have recently been revamped to include a chip. We still had to sign for things using them in France though, so would probably still be an issue in the UK. They also still don't have your name on them, so the car rental issue still stands.
  12. RockDr

    Sons visa application

    Assuming you're looking at a PR visa rather than the 457? Provided your son is still financially dependent on you and in full time education, you can include him in the application as a dependent. Once the visa is granted, he would need to validate it by visiting australia. He could then return to the UK to finish his education, and move to Australia once his course finishes, but before the 5yr "expiry" of the visa. Otherwise, he would have to apply for his own skilled visa once he graduates, no guarantees that he'll actually qualify for one though...
  13. It certainly looks like he can just do the declaration and not need to provide evidence that he's renounced the others. Which would mean that Japan would consider him to be only Japanese, but UK and Australia would consider him a multi-citizen. Even if he does renounce his UK citizenship at any stage, UK citizenship laws allow you to regain your citizenship ONCE after giving it up for another citizenship.
  14. RockDr

    Cash Passport

    We've had issues in the past with Cash passports vs chip and pin machines and places not accepting signatures any more eta: the cards have always worked at atms, so can always get cash out for most things. also need to bear in mind that the cards don't have your name on, so can't be used for things such as car hire etc.
  15. It would depend whether the other country required evidence of giving up your citizenship. most countries just ask you to "declare" that you are doing so. If the other country was really strict, then I guess they wouldn't grant citizenship. If the person gets the second nationality, I think the person holds both nationalities, but the countries involved only recognise their own nationality. so country A says that person is A-ish, and country B says that person is B-ish. If they are in country A, then they are effectively A-ish, if they are in country B, they are effectively B-ish, and if they are abroad, then they can pretty much use which ever citizenship is most convenient.

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