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  1. Dear All, I'm quite sure this was asked before but I tried to search for similar topic on this forum unluckily I couldn't find. Im a mother of 2 and came to ADELAIDE on a permanent resident basis of 190 Visa. for a while the number of jobs posted via seek and other job websites made me confident that we are going to be employed soon. after 3 months of being submitting our CVs we were let down with regret letters by all employers and recruiters and some hadn't respond yet and even we didn't reach to the stage of job interviews, I wonder why if we are applying to what we are experienced with are being rejected so many times with no clear reasons . I have been to Centrelink to register as a jobseeker and guess what, the officer there refused to let me register with honest he said "madam career providers are helpless" this words made me more depressed and since I have kids Centrelink will only pay the minimum until 104 weeks pass from our stay in Adelaide, then we may be eligible for financial support. my question if I expand my search and find another job in any state is there any negative consequences (citizenship struggles) on that I have kids and my savings are not enough to survive for 2 more years. you may also note that we applied to small groceries and shops but also no luck. hope to hear from who have been in similar situation and share your experience. Regards, Hala
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    Hi I want to hear your feedback and review about east Adelaide primary school. Thanks Hala

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