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  1. AussieRob

    2010 Hyundai Getz for Sale

    We're selling our daughters car. 2010 Hyundai Getz, 64000Km, Good Condition, Power windows, bluetooth stereo, Steering wheel controls. Listed for $6,000, this is great value as guide price is over $7000 according to Car Sales. Please see the link for further details
  2. AussieRob

    Bali in August (first time)

    I love it there, and I appreciate it certainly wouldn't be everyone's taste. Last time we stayed in Kuta at the Rama Beach resort. A great hotel in a quieter area of Kuta but still only a short walk from the main shopping plaza, bars and restaurants. Whilst we were there we had fabulous food, Indonesian, Japanese, Italian, American etc... but the best was at a restaurant on the beach at Jimbaran (I think). We going again this year, and have our eye on Nusa Dua, just waiting for the prices to drop as it seems a little expensive at the moment.
  3. Yep, flew with them at Christmas, all seats had tele's and a good choice of movies. Bit tight on the alcohol though, but that's doesn't affect the kids.... or does it ?
  4. AussieRob

    Full Circle @ Cove Tavern

    Hi Tyke, They play a great mixture of rock tunes, some newer , some older and some classic aussie songs. I prefer them to clearway, if you've seen them.
  5. AussieRob

    What's with the big brown caterpillars.......

    Yep, we've got heaps of them. Always seen them, but not in these quantities. We spray one plant and they go to the next.
  6. AussieRob

    Summer hols

    We've had our holidays for this year, Family visit to England, France and Dubai, with work feeling a bit more dubious I think next year may be a couple of weeks in Bali and maybe a cheeky week in Broome or Darwin. We just really like to switch off, be warm in the sunshine and enjoy ourselves.
  7. AussieRob

    Singapore airlines or Malaysia Airlines ???

    I would personally avoid A380's aircraft. Only because on the Boeing 777 and the A330 I think the sides of the aircraft are only 2 seats (with a 2-4-2 seating arrangement), meaning as a couple you get 2 seats to yourselves without having anyone next to you. Just flown with qantas and emirates to the uk and although emirates is better for entertainment, I thought qantas gave you more alcohol, sorry better service. All flights though were A380's, so apart from a couple of seats on the whole aircraft in economy you cannot avoid being next to someone which I find stifling.
  8. AussieRob

    RIP Bob Hoskins

    Definitely a legend. Always had a great presence on the screen. Even did a music video for Jamie T called Sheila. RIP Bob.
  9. AussieRob

    Teaching the southerners how to cook

    I don't mind what I have for dinner as long as i can have take away chips with it....... ha ha.... and curry sauce... I do love some of the comments though, "It will put the south on the map", I'm pretty sure the south is already on the map, if it wasn't all maps would have a blank area where we are currently living.
  10. AussieRob

    I don't vote Labor, but....

    Can't comment anymore on the person, but I do hate left wing loonies and hippies protesting against anything the liberals / conservatives push for, when they should respect he got voted in. I didn't go rioting when Blair got voted in the old country as much as I wanted, as I realised my view was now the minority.
  11. AussieRob

    I don't vote Labor, but....

    I have to be honest I think we have less choice than a diabetic in a sweet shop.... Abbot / Marshall who really aren't the greatest politicians ever but I think are the best of a bad bunch, but you can't vote labour, as much as I prefer wetherall, because we can't keep spending tomorrow's money today. I'd vote for the greens if they stuck to environmental politics, but to promote Australia as a republic, whilst I would easily go with the flow, is not a very green policy as it would create a wealth of waste, and family first...... well we may as well vote for the disability party or shooting and fishing if we're going to vote for a secular group.
  12. AussieRob

    Carpenter Required

    Thanks Darren / Angie. I've contacted him, and I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. AussieRob

    Carpenter Required

    Looking for a good reliable carpenter to work on re-building our screen between our car-port and the neighbour. Trying to get quotes at the moment is like getting blood from a stone. Any names and numbers would be much appreciated.
  14. AussieRob

    Looking for advice on Dubai Stay

    We tried to do our best for the Aussie economy, and booked with Qantas, Ok actually they had the specials on when we booked, but still makes me feel a bit good inside, apart from we have to go through Melbourne. Flight times are ok though we leave Dubai at 11:10am. Thanks for the tips, we'll certainly take a look at what you've recommended and others too. I think for us, we wanted to try to balance a bit of relaxation after seeing family, so were looking for some kind of beach resort or just somewhere where we can chill (sweat) by the pool, plus see some sights in Dubai, but I do struggle with being tied to an isolated resort, it is nice just to have a few options near by. After all, sometimes it's nice for a fine meal as a treat, but other times I just may fancy egg, chips and beans, or a chip butty.... well anything with chips....
  15. On our way back from the UK in June, we spending a week in Dubai. I have stayed there once before in the late 90's, at the Sheraton Mirage, it was fantastic, but quite far from anything, I think a good 45 mins by bus back to town. We saw a special to stay at the Atlantis Resort (Top of Palm Island), but what else is there near there. I do like staying in Fancy hotels but don't appreciate that every drink and meal (when the hotel is isolated) can cost you a small fortune. Is there pubs / restaurants nearby reasonably priced, or is the Atlantis actually ok, with some fine dining and some normal grub. or..... is there somewhere better to stay, a nice hotel but nearer a few holiday type outlets (like you find in Tenerife, ok maybe not with cornish pasties, Carling premier and showing only fools and horses, but hopefully you get the idea)

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