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  1. Springfield

    190 visa granted ☺✋

    So ... (fingers crossed) things have started falling into place for us, 190 visa granted last wk, sold the house the wk before and flights booked at the wkend! We will be arriving 1st November and after some inside opions on goverment schools in and around suberbs: Sheidowpark, Aberfoylepark, Flagstaffhill and Happy valley and also any info on actual suberbs themselves. We are a family of four, husband is a joiner / cabinet maker and will be looking for work straight the way and the children are 6 and 11. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Springfield

    Outdoor pool in November???

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, that's the way we were starting to think! Really helpful for opinion, definitely won't be the last time asking for advice.
  3. Springfield

    Outdoor pool in November???

    Just after insiders opinions.... We are set to relocate to Adelaide end of October beginning of November 2019, and along with a million and one other things we are thinking about, wanting to know if we would use an outdoor non heated pool enough at that time of yr to warrant paying extra to rent house with one. Thanks ☺
  4. Springfield

    Removals Company - PSS or John Mason - advice please! ;-)

    Daisy how is your whole process going now?? Feeling a little overwhelmed at the minute too, we are soon putting house on the market and currently researching shipping. Things have now got real!! Thanks x

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