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  1. leelee53

    Queen Bedroom Package

    We're in Flagstaff Hill
  2. leelee53

    Queen Bedroom Package

    Comprising of: Queen bed L216 x W163 (free mattress) 4 Drawers Tall-boy L80 x W38 x H111 2 Bedside drawers L59 x W38 x H55 Colour is chocolate In good condition $350
  3. leelee53

    Looking for 3/4 bedroom home with annex/granny flat

    Well, for a few reasons we now need to put house hunting on the back burner (buying) until next year. This means we're still going to need to secure a rental when our lease expires in July as the owners are selling up. If anyone knows of a potential suitable property for us all please get in touch. Granny flat would be ideal for my folks but would consider a bigger house for us all if it meant they had own living space & bathroom. Cheers :-)
  4. leelee53

    Looking for 3/4 bedroom home with annex/granny flat

    Yeah any of those areas would work for us, thankyou. Is the Woodcroft one on real estate . com?
  5. leelee53

    Looking for 3/4 bedroom home with annex/granny flat

    Just wanted to re-bump this as we are going back to our original plan of securing a rental for a further 12 months as we are struggling to find a suitable home to buy on our budget just now. We will consider larger homes that have separate living space for my elderly parents, it doesn't necessarily need to have a granny flat in place. Anything considered, thanks guys! :0)
  6. leelee53

    Looking for 3/4 bedroom home with annex/granny flat

    Thanks for the advice notpom, as strangely enough we have decided to look to buy a property instead of continue renting! Again, with a separate granny flat for my parents. Please get in touch if you have a property to sell that might suit our needs. Thankyou.
  7. leelee53

    Looking for 3/4 bedroom home with annex/granny flat

    Thanks Chrisda, I really would appreciate that
  8. leelee53

    Looking for 3/4 bedroom home with annex/granny flat

    Just wanted to bump this up as we're still looking for a property to accommodate us all :0(
  9. Hi there, Unfortunately we are having to move on from our current rental due to it going on the market. My elderly parents live with us in our granny flat, and we will need to have the same set up in our next property so that we remain together, yet all have our own independent living space. My son has just started school this time, and I am reluctant to move him before the end of the year so we would consider living in any areas around a 20-30 minute travelling distance from his school in Flagstaff Hill (5159). I'd be very grateful if you could let me know of any properties available for rent before July/August that may suit our needs. Thanks
  10. Hi, I can reccommend an excellent pet sitter who would come to you should you decide you need one. :0)
  11. Looking to start playing soccer this coming season. Not played for a team since moving over from the UK 3 years ago now, so I'm keen to find a good, sociable club. cheers, Danny
  12. leelee53

    Interested in Playing Soccer?

    Hi, I'm interested in playing footy for a club for the upcoming season. Can you please let me know details of pre-season training, ie when, where etc. much appreciated. Danny.
  13. leelee53

    Pet sitter required

    Looking for someone to home Paddy, my Maltese cross when we have a few days away in Jan. Any recommendations appreciated. Cheers
  14. leelee53

    Dog sitter/kennel recommendations - getting desperate!!!

    Hi Em, My dad is a dog sitter and might be available around that time. Drop me a pm if you want his details. Lisa Ps. Are you from Wakey originally? If so, we already know each other! !
  15. Hi Ali, I live in the same suburb as you & would happily meet up for a coffee/drink sometime. Drop me a pm and we can get something arranged. Lisa :0)

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