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  1. Hi, Does anyone know what "Visa number" means when trying to lodge the 887 Visa and what needs to be entered here? it doesn't take in the Visa grant number that we received on Electronic form nor our passport details per the instructions. Should we leave it blank?
  2. Dear all, Can someone help me with the below query and if they have encountered the below issue during their application from temp visa to PR form. My wife was the main applicant of a Skilled - Regional Sponsored (subclass 489) form SA. Her visa Conditions state, 8539 - MUST STAY IN SPECIFIED AREA, although I don't have this condition on my dependent visa. I will be the primary applicant for the pathway to the PR 887 visa. I have covered my work, living and all other expectations for the 887 visa in SA and will lodge my PR by end of May 2019. Along with this, I have got an opportunity to work for a Sydney based company from Adelaide from June 2019, but not sure if I could though because my wife's 489 Visa condition 8539 states " Your visa has been granted on the basis of a nomination by a State or Territory government. Visa condition 8539 requires that you must live, study and work in regional and/or low population-growth metropolitan area(s)" and Sydney is a neither regional nor low population-growth metropolitan area. Hence, I'm a bit confused as to whether I can take this opportunity given that I have no visa conditions per my visa letter but unsure if I will be governed by my Wifes conditions as shes the primary applicant. Can someone please help. Is there also an email ID that I can use to write to a home affairs official or SA Immigration department official to get concrete information in writing? Regards NJ

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