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  1. ravimodi

    Visa 489 South Australia

    Thanks for your reply! Yes - as suggested., it's a wait game and am learning to keep some patience! Thanks!
  2. Hi In generally how many months a "Case Officer" is assigned ? Had lodged the application in September month 2018. Please let me know. Also immigration website is not showing the processing time due to low volume of applications. Please guide us ! Best
  3. ravimodi

    Visa 489 and Visa 190

    Can one apply for Visa 489 (Provisional) and Visa 190 together ?
  4. I have applied for Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) South Australia. Can we plan for living in Adelaide? We are expecting to get the Visas in 7/10 Months from today. Please let me know. Thanks
  5. Hi Guys My spouse has applied for South Australia Visa 489, Occupation : Illustrator 232412 with 75 Points (including State Nomination) The date of submitting our EOI was 27th September 2018. Now, that Category says "Special Conditions Apply" and color coded "Red" today on 19th November 2018. (a) Will this affect our EOI response ? (b) My agent is saying no need to stress out as this is only applicable for new entries! Is this correct? Please advise. Thanks

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