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  1. Hi me and my family are looking for a long term rental around port noarlunga, port noarlunga south,, seaford moana!! We need to leave our rental we are in at the moment by the 27th march, is anyone breaking a lease or no of any where? Prefer a 4 bed or 3 bed plus study, thanks loads Kerry
  2. scott&kerry

    looking foe 3/4 bed rental in Port Noarlunga or Seaford

    Hi Leanne I'm Laura's friend Kerry, she has told me about your property and we are really interested just we need to be out our rental by 26th at the latest of march! That is too earlie for you isn't it? That's if you still not rented it out already xx
  3. Brill, meeting 11 tomorrow hopefully beach! See you when you get there x
  4. Hi there ar quite a few of us meet up on a thurs either beach (if weather good ) or tea turtle cafe! Cme along be nic to meet you, usually meet around 11/12 kerry x
  5. scott&kerry

    Port Noarlunga area

    Hi no probs at all getting them into school we went to port Noarlunga primary to have a look around and they said th boys could start on the Monday easy as that! Filled a form and off they went! Rentals we were lucky getting ours in a lovely spot we have gone for a smaller house but couldn't get it all! You will find a rental for definite lots of places around prt noarlunga to if you can get right in it it's all so close! And Noarlunga school doesn't have a catchment! Good luck with everything!
  6. scott&kerry

    Port Noarlunga area

    Hi we have been here 6 weeks now just about to move into our long term rental in port Noarlunga! We love it here! Boys at local school and are loving it there! Have settled really well! It's got a lovely feel and lots to do!
  7. Hi yes always up for meeting! We are moving next weekend or Homeless? Lol! So might have to do another weekend x
  8. Ah brill! See you thurs il pm you my no just incase! Looking forward to it kerry x
  9. Ok shall we say thurs then where shall we meet!
  10. Hi again! Maybe we should all meet up one day next week? Could meet at beach or tea turtle cafe they have a little play bit? Or a play group? Kerry x I can do any day !
  11. Hithere I'm around on Thursdays with my 3 yr old always up for meeting! Kerry x
  12. Hi we are in Seaford rise me 35 husband 36 3 children 10,6,3 always up for meeting ! Pay dates and wine dates sound great kerry
  13. scott&kerry

    Toddler groups in port Noarlunga

    Yes I'm in Seaford rise, moving to port Noarlunga beginning July, my husband starts work Monday and boys start school,so up for toddler groups coffee ect with my 3 year old daughter!
  14. scott&kerry

    Rental in port noarlunga area. WANTED!!!!

    Hi there is one in port Noarlunga south I've not been inside but it's right opposite a park looks big inside , it is on Perth st , lady called Joyce ,it's on realestate .com.au and gum tree!

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