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  1. Unfortunately I have something else on that day, so can't make it
  2. KerEng

    SIR temp 496 - To perm 887?

    I just sent a sample of payslips and utility bills (I didn't have bills for my first 18 months as my rent included all bills), I think about 4 of each in total, covering a range of dates, along with the letter from my employer, rental reference, current lease agreement and police check. Had no problems with just those.
  3. I should be able to make it, will hopefully have some job news to celebrate too
  4. It's not on in Melbourne anymore Diane Has moved to Sydney.
  5. KerEng

    Tyres Anyone

    Send me a PM with what you need. Might be able to help, but not promising.
  6. I was planning to organise something for late November, but not sure I'll be able to now
  7. Hi Sarah, I'm in Mawson Lakes too. If you want to meet up for a coffee sometime, just let me know :-) Kerry
  8. You don't need a UK police check when applying for the 887, just an Aussie Federal Police check
  9. The switching the electricity off thing is only until it's activated, so it really depends on when they do it. Mine was done mid-morning I think.
  10. I used them when I moved into my rental last year. They only offer connections with certain companies (i.e. AGL for power and, I think, Optus for phone - I organised my own phone connection) but I felt it was easiest to get them to organise everything in one go. Craig at Direct Connect was extremely helpful and sorted things out when AGL were being pains about installing the gas meter (it was a new property). I imagine you could change to another company after connection if you thought they were cheaper, but I'm not sure if there are contract lengths?
  11. Police checks should not take long to come back, so just scan them and add them as soon as they're back. Attach anything you can asap as that way when the case officer looks at your application, it'll be easy for them to approve it there and then
  12. Hi Terry, you're right, you pay and then you get the option to attach there and then, or you attach documents later using your TRN number. The required documentation checklist should appear once you pay, if I remember correctly, but it won't have the stuff about proving you've lived here for two years, etc, you just have to work that out for yourself.
  13. I sent the letter (with all the info on it that DIAC state on the site) and about three or four scanned payslips from various periods (including the first and also the most recent). I wouldn't wait until you're requested to upload stuff, do it now so the case officer can issue the visa when they first look at your case.
  14. I got mine granted a few weeks ago. I applied online and got the decision in 6 weeks. I uploaded all required documents before they were requested (e.g. payslips, police check, passport bio page, photo, etc.) I did get some stuff certified as it said online to do so and I didn't want to risk it (and it was very easy to get them certified by a JP). I didn't need a medical and the first I heard from them was the email granting the visa. Feel free to PM me with any specific questions. Kerry
  15. I'll be there - you beat me to posting ;-)

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