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  1. meldrew9799

    cheap runabout

    Hi all Looking for a cheap runabout, up to $1500. Where can you suggest I go? Southern suburbs would be better. Thanks
  2. meldrew9799

    Driveway reccomendations, please

    Hi there, Can anyone reccomend a good builder/company to concrete about 40m2 of driveway around the seaford area. Thank you
  3. meldrew9799

    TV and DVD player

    Mrs Bon Jovi did you throw out your old uk printer cartridges?
  4. meldrew9799

    trouble securing a rental

    We arranged a rental from the UK, But we had to pay 6 months rental up front. We also used google earth streetview to do a bit of looking around the street.
  5. Tassimo Coffee Maker If you have one sell it before you leave the UK. Although it will work over here you can't buy the pods. As for HP Inkjet printers either bring a spare set of genuine cartridges and keep getting them refilled or get rid of your printer before leaving UK AND buy an aussie one. HP's website will say you can buy aussie cartridges and phone hp support who will talk you through the steps to change the region coding, but if you have cartridges which are not genuine HP then the process will not work as unlock code generated by a long complex process will be invalid. I know this from experience. My UK printer which printed and scanned fine on refilled UK cartridges is after an hour and a half on the phone to HP support now just a large paperweight.
  6. meldrew9799

    3 weeks tonight...

    Hi guys Not been on in a while, wife keeps me posted. 3 weeks tonight we'll be in the air! Can't bl**dy wait. Been a long time coming. Haven't forgotten my beer promise either! After looking at prices, and my Aberdonian gene shook a bit I can tell you, think might need to bring beer for first Barbie from duty free! Looking forward to Sepember meet. Cheers Alan
  7. Congratulations to Chickeni, Owenker and Opportunities on their visa grant and also congratulations to Mary on getting a case officer. To all those still waiting hang on in there Alan
  8. Hi Cara Thank you for all your hard work keeping this timeline running. Been a little while since I was last on. Could you turn us green. Have updated our details for the next update they are now Meldrew9799 175 Visa Lodged 22-06-09 SS granted 21-03-11 Case Officer 7-4-11 Police Checks 10-5-11 Meds all A's sent to Sydney 13-5-11 visa granted ???? Once again thank you Alan
  9. Hi Michelle We've not been on for a week, in sunny Spain for kids easter hols. Can't wait until every day is as sunny as here! Agent called on Thursday moring to say we had a case officer and to go ahead with medicals and Police checks! Really happy and can't belive this is finally happeing for us. Please update the time line. Good luck to you all and thanks again Michelle for taking the time to do this. Alan
  10. meldrew9799

    Medicals in Scotland - where?

    Hi Claire When I checked the panel list for doctors in scotland a couple of weeks ago only one was listed. The Spire Shawfair Park Hospital in Edinburgh. Alan
  11. meldrew9799

    Breach of the Peace

    Hi Elizabeth I also had the unfortunate fate of being done for breach of the police after celebrating a friends birthday over enthusiastacaly. It will be recorded on your OH's Criminal record but as it is a minor offence should not affect your Visa prospects especialy if it is the only blemish. Good luck with your application. Alan
  12. meldrew9799

    SA state sponsored timeline

    Hi Claire We only put down what we had and could prove we had. I think they are looking to see that you will have at least the minimum funds they mention on the SS app notes, If memory serves me right that means $25000 for the main applicant and $5000 for each dependant, Alan
  13. meldrew9799

    Why choose Adelaide?

    Hi Paula In our case we like a mediteranian climate, Therefore Darwin and Cairns to humid, also Sydney too expensive, Brisbane maybe a little too humid and expensive, perth too far away from the other major Oz cities, Melbourne probably as wet as scotland. Adelaide has a mediteranian like climate and is fairly small for a capital city ( which suits us personally)but there is still lots going on. Upon researching a little further it has a good education system, Houses are a bit cheaper than in other parts of Oz This was our starting point. Easter 2009 went for a holiday and it was everything we expected and more. Loved it. came back determined to make it work, and it has been very hard work at times. That is why we chose adelaide over the othe cities but everyone is different Alan
  14. Hi Michelle Thank you for doing this thread. Please add us Meldrew9799 175 Visa Lodged 22-06-09 SS applied 06-01-11 SS granted 21-03-11 CO agent said 2 to 3 weeks, HOPE SO visa granted ???? Once again Thank you Alan
  15. meldrew9799

    SA state sponsored timeline

    Phoned hospital in Edinburgh to front load meds but they are so busy they cant fit us in before we go on holiday so we are now booked to do our meds mid May. Alan

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