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  1. cazzaj

    Wanted 3/4 bed Christies beach

    Sorry ment to say a rental
  2. Hi looking for a 3/4 bed on Christies beach pref between beach road and osullivans so if anyone knows of anyone please contact me thanks Carolyn
  3. cazzaj

    Toddler groups in port Noarlunga

    There's also osulivans play group tuesday morning at 9.30.. I go to that and st johns very good
  4. Hi Michelle I had my baby boy at flinders 6 months ago they were brilliant and great lactation clinic if your thinking of feeding yourself.. If your a first time mum the child health will probebly put you in touch with a mums group especially for first time mums and local playgroups..congratulations
  5. cazzaj

    "Loving it"

    ::I'm in the loving it as soon as arrived .... We have been here over a year now and I couldn't love it more.. We come from a beautiful town in England but just wanted more.. My husbands job as a self employed electrician was up and down and we just wanted a new adventure.. We have been lucky to have made some brilliant friends so that has helped and my husband has started his own business installing solar that is going really well ..we feel really at home and I'm about to give birth to a born and bread ozzy we couldn't ask for a better life and feel we are living our dream as everything seems to be falling into place ( touch wood ) it is about being positive and not looking back ...having an open mind and grabbing opportunities...love it love it love it:biglaugh:
  6. cazzaj

    Are you having a Baby?

    Hi I've pm you x
  7. cazzaj

    Christies Beach

    Hi my daughter goes to Christies high school she is in year 9 and is enjoying it as far as any 14 yr old girl does ... We live in Christies and yes there are some weird people around they are every where !!! It's such a shame when people put things like there are drug addicts there !!!! There every where dear you may do work with them but by saying things like that it makes it look like Christies has an addict on every corner with a needle hanging out there arm!!!!(which it hasn't ) and what about all the un registered addicts????? I'd more worried in where there living!!off my high horse Christies is a lovely place to live and yes there are some areas to avoid but I would say that about henly or Brighton or any other area at the end of the day it's best to look around area and see what suits you and don't listen to people who don't see the positives:mad:
  8. Hi I live in Christies beach we have been here nearly 9 months my oldest goes to Christies high school shes enjoying it as far as schools go she's in year 9 got given a brand new lap top for free...she had a few problems at start with one girl but girls can e a lot worse then boys but she's happy there now and doesn't want to move ... Where about are you staying? Bring warm clothes in July as it's cold now so god knows what it's going to be like then brrrrrrr.......... Carolyn
  9. cazzaj

    Hi! New to Christies Beach

    Hi Louise I have a 3 year old girl too.. We live up behind the rego off beach road.. What days is the play group on in o sulivans as I'd be interested in that as the one we used to go to closed as it was at a kindy... There is also a group of us that meet up at the fort on a Wednesday usually if you fancied meeting up there .... Carolyn x
  10. cazzaj

    Good curry house??

    Thanks for that we will deffo try morphett vale next time my hubby like them hot!!!! Looks like the diet is going down the pan ...thanks for that doodles booked the table so looking forward to the Balti house now xx
  11. cazzaj

    Good curry house??

    Thanks people for your help... Were going to give the Balti house In goodwood a try but will defiantly give the others ago sometime soon xx
  12. Hi it's my husbands birthday soon and I know he would love to go out for a good curry! I know the Balt house on goodwill road has good rep but then I've herd service is crap and it's changed hands?? He likes a good hot curry so any recommendations greatly received Thanks
  13. I agree I've lived in Christies beach for the past 5 months and love it... There are a lot of people that slate Christies beach and have never lived there themselves so makes me laugh how they can judge a place without living there... Yes there are some dodgy houses in the odd street but so is there in any other area that are said to be the in places to live!! It doesn't matter how much your house cost or what area you live in .. There are rich people that are neighbors from he'll too. It will be a lovely base for your holiday and you can have a good drive around and see places as it's fairly central and has lots there too....:goofy:Good luck xx
  14. cazzaj

    The holiday is officially over :(

    Congratulations on job Chris no worries cazzaj and cazzas will look after your lovely wife xx
  15. cazzaj

    Wanted Canadian canoe

    Bugger off you lot!!!!!! haha Yeah I keep looking she wants one of those you sit in space for 3 people ... Great for happy camping

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