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  1. Krish

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi everyone my baby born on December, we submitted all documents to immigration passport birth certificate form 1436 form 1022 when can I expect adding baby in to visa? how many weeks they will take for updating in to 887 visa?
  2. Krish

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    I am main applicant, and my wife is secondary applicant When the time of decision (Grant) my wife and Kid need to be in Australia? or they can live India.
  3. Krish

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi everyone I am new to this group, I applied for 887 Visa on Dec 2017 and on July 10 CO: Nancy Requested documents, provided all documents. Until now no response. Actually my wife was in India, when CO officer requested Documents and she came back on Sept. My Immi accounts shows last update was August 17 2018. We had baby on Dec 2018, what documents we need provide for baby to add in to Visa Please hlep me...

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