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  1. Capboy

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Thanks guys for all your replies! @02 Feb 18 @dar8 @Russki I admire all your determinations and pride swallowing experience! Talking about the previous discussion regarding 489ers should keep our professions that were sponsored by the state gov, I totally agree with it but I've gotten so many rejections solely based on my Visa type for not being a PR or Citizen. My sponsored job code is 261111 ICT Business Analyst and probably a lot of projects are related to government and security issues. For survival, I believe a lot of us dive into hospitality jobs to survive and accumulate all the documentations which are not easy from hospitality industry. I guess we gotta do what we gotta do.. I did some research and I have further questions to clarify with you guys:- Employment Reference Letter - Should I get it right after leaving the work place or I should wait till 887 application? Does the date of the reference letter matter? - Hard luck for me to have joined a restaurant that didn't turn out well and I have to involve Fair Works to resolve issues. No way I could get any employment reference letter from my ex boss anymore and it's such a waste because I've accumulated few months of 35 hours a week there. I'm thinking to ask Fair Works officer to issue a formal letter to substitute the employment reference letter. Would CO accept this? Anyone has the same experience? Superannuation - Yes, it's stated in my payslips but so far nothing in my Super account yet from my current and ex bosses. If I'm forced to go to the authority again, my employment reference letter will be jeopardized. Seriously, this is not going to be easy!! (facepalm) - By the way, is it compulsory to provide Super documentations as a supporting document? Thanks again for all your great help!
  2. Capboy

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi guys! I'm a newbie here and I've been following this topic for a while because you guys are giving me so much heads up on my 887 application in the future. Please pardon me if I'm in the wrong topic I'm a 489 visa holder, working hard in hospitality casual jobs to accumulate the 1 year (35 hours per week) work requirement. I've been reading how you guys are submitting employment contracts, group certificates, payslips and etc etc. But all I have from my employers are my payslips. I don't think a lot of cafe owners bother to give out employment contracts for casual employees. No need to mention group certificates at the end of the financial year. Anybody in the same boat as me? Would I have issues in the future if I only have payslips as my supporting documents? Thanks in advance for any advise!

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