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  1. Testit

    A Licence at last

    All that effort just to sling in T&E! Ive heard very diplomatic explanations regarding the standard of electrical work here such as "its not rough, just different" Its not different, it's just rough! Welcome to a life of pulling T&E through conduits and plastic absolutely everything, no more metal clad fellas!
  2. Testit

    Electrician wanted for quote on some work...

    Ill give you a quote Dan. As long as you promise to sit down before reading it...
  3. Give me a yell you need an Electrician - im Eastern Suburbs too... Cheers, Jon.
  4. Dear fellow POMS! Aspden Electrical Services is offering 10% off all labour rates during February & March Please Pm for more information Cheers, Jon.
  5. Hi Cliffy, thanks for your reply. I cover most areas as far South as Seaford, any further than that depends on the amount of work involved. Where are you based?
  6. Special rates for PIA members who want ceiling fans installed. You buy the fan and ill install it! PM me for a price and.........yes im a licensed Electrical Contractor! Cheers, Jon.
  7. Testit

    bit of a shock moving from the UK!!!!!

    Dont worry, just lower your standards and expectations by about half and you will literaly love it here
  8. Why would you even consider changing careers from a lawyer in the UK to an electrician in Australia?????????????? You must have a fetish for hot roofs, spiders and asbestos!! Even retraining to be a sparks in the UK is pretty unwise, rates are rock bottom and the trade is quickly being de-valued by all the boil in the bag / be an electrician in 6 weeks and earn 50k a year type courses. Nonsense. Stay at your nice tidy desk mate!
  9. Hi, Im looking for a guy with a machine to do some trenching, and a little bit of form work/concreting. Anyone interested please PM me. Cheers, Jon.
  10. Well if its any consolation, its slow for us sparkies too at the moment, Adelaide is certainly a boom or bust kind of place....One week the phone never stops ringing, the next silence... Its tough trying to ride out the quiet times but have faith in your skills and stick with it.
  11. Domestic, commercial and retail, insured and experienced - happy to give free quotations. Pm me for your next project! Cheers, Jon.
  12. Neilsens, Boffa & Russo, Leane Electrical, ODG to name a few.... Leanes MD is a POM so maybe try there first! These companies all do big commercial stuff. Just avoid domestic stuff during the summer, trust me lol
  13. Testit


    Sent you a PM!
  14. Testit


    Anyone in the CBD / St Peters area of the city and fancy a pint or 2? Jon
  15. Guys, Who do you use for income protection and life insurance? Im a sparky and have had a few quotes but the policies seem useless e.g. I would only recieve 100% of my insured amount per week if i were to have both legs amputated or lost both eyes!! How much do you pay a month? Any help welcome, Cheers, Jon

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