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  1. kjc79

    Which pool company?

    Thanks for that. More research and got the same comments re: statewide. Have ended up with summer time pools. Install date a week Monday. So far contact in relation to any questions has been prompt and thorough. Couldn't find any complaints so we'll see. Will soon find out kath
  2. kjc79

    Southern vales uniform for sale

    Shirts size 18, pants 15, shorts mans 4 and the sports stuff all medium (man size) all for 15/16 yr old Was having trouble posting earlier from my phone. I have someone coming to look at the items re: size to fit her lad tonight now but will update if any items are sold/left thanks kath
  3. kjc79

    Wanted - 2 pairs of swim fins (flippers)

    I have a couple of pairs euro size 34-35 and 36-37 if they are the right size also a pair of size small black boardy fins which I can just fit into and I'm euro 39/40. If these are what u are looking for? Kath
  4. Hi for sale I have the following items. All only worn for 2-3 terms. Pm for details. Or pass on to someone u may know needs the boys uniform. Need to get rid ASAP 5x socks, hat, tie 2x s/s shirt, 2x long trousers 1x s4 shorts, 1x rugby top, 1x sport shorts shell joggers and t-shirt. thanks kath
  5. kjc79

    sofa/bed GIVE AWAY

    New home found
  6. kjc79

    sofa/bed GIVE AWAY

    Acquired this when we first arrived. It is very comfortable and coverts easily into a bed. We just don't use or need it anymore. pm me if interested. PICK UP ONLY
  7. kjc79

    Which pool company?

    Hi all, Not posted on here for a while although I do pop in and read how people are getting on. I know this is an older thread but we are in the midst of getting pool quotes and wondered if anyone had any further bad experiences or recommendations. We have been to see Riverina Pools, Freedom pools and Summertime pools and today went to Statewide pools at Lonsdale just to add to the confusion. Riverina seemed to be talking in the "too hard basket" sales pitch so gut feeling no. I had heard grumbles about Freedom (mainly after install and rectifying if any issues at all) before we started looking so was a bit wary, but the guy seemed friendly and informative when we went for the day trip all the way up north lolx but both these companies seemed to slate the opponents pump makes though. Summertime pool guy did say that he was in the slightly higher $$ bracket but the quote is about parr give or take and they use one guy for installation (foreman) and didn't slate any products. Today we went to Statewide pools who say they will beat any like for like quote. anyone got any insight in who to choose. Any comments will be helpful Thanks Kath
  8. Hi sorry just seen your message I am unfortunately not doing hair any more I have had a complete career change. Sorry. Nick who has been recommended highly on here is further uup your way too Kath

    1. jtct

      Saw your name on here and wondered if you were still cutting hair and also if you are anywhere near Aberfoyle park.

      I desperately need my fine, thining hair cut short and hope you can help. No need to style and blow dry as I tend to wear a hat most of the time to avoid burning my scalp and my head gets very sweaty so a short cut that I can wash and leave is fine.



      Jane by Poppytree2010, on Flickr





      if you are still around can you give me a rough idea of charges and availability.

      1. yep that is our slab with the wood and the bricks on site. hows your build going? whens ya party? lot 284

        1. different but in a good way while my kids are young. hows about u? where u from?

          1. i never knew this exsited haha x

            1. thanking you, lolx


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