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  1. Try LinkedIn - you can join networking groups on there - a few seem to have regular meetings
  2. Strikers BBL T20 semi final on Saturday

    We're going too - can't wait - would have been really miffed if we couldnt get tickets as all the "fans" seem to have come out of the woodwork now the Strikers are in the finals!
  3. Dont know if this will help?
  4. How to order flowers for the UK

    I always use M&S or Next
  5. Event / Fundraising Vacancy

    Funny! I was going to apply for that one!
  6. Hi Has anyone stayed at Angorichina Village camp site - just above Flinders Ranges National Park? What was it like? Would you recommend it? Thanks in advance
  7. 7 piece dining set

    I think Im being a bit dumb - I cant open the link
  8. Samsung Galaxy S3 screen repair

    Ive taken my Samsung to the shop in the train station in the CBD - it cost about $150
  9. help a desperate family.

    Well, well, well - congratulations for being so bloody marvellous! Perhaps you should start offering Saturday morning classes on how to be so perfect! The lady concerned probably does wish she had taken out insurance as she has been left without a thing. What is your recommendation? That we should tell the OP to stop wasting our time and let the little ******** suffer? You're not a bitch - you are cold hearted person that doesn't deserve any more of my time! Well done to the OP in showing us that not everyone is a nobber!!
  10. Cricket clubs

    Email SACA - they will provide the information (we live in the South)
  11. help a desperate family.

    What a fab idea - I will have a look tonight for some bits and pieces
  12. British chippy.

    Everything in moderation = no harm done!
  13. Cricket

    Any females interested in playing cricket (especially High School/Uni age)- send me a pm. Its a great way to get out and meet people as well as keeping fit - especially if you play indoor cricket:biggrin: Thanks Jo
  14. Catch of the Day

    Do Grocery Run offer a preferred delivery time? I have just been viewing their website but my computer appears to be throwing a wobbly and I can't access any information
  15. British chippy.

    Well for the record I love Barnacle Bills and think the best pies Ive had here are from Becks Bakery at Port Noarlunga ......... just saying