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  1. Got my citizenship yesterday. Mission accomplished. Best of luck guys. It was a great time with 887 applicants two years ago.
  2. Thanks man. The full timeline is Application submitted - 17/06/2021 Exam appointment letter - 15/07/2021 Exam taken and approval - 12/08/2021 Citizenship ceremony appointment letter 08/04/2022 Citizenship ceremony to be attended - 09/05/2022 Brisbane City Council
  3. Hi guys, We got invited for a ceremony for May 9. Brisbane City Council
  4. It looks like you guys all got your citizenship. It's so quiet here
  5. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/citizenship/become-a-citizen/permanent-resident#HowTo Go to Step by step section
  6. I can't understand what process happens between approval and the ceremony and why it takes ages between them
  7. When do they normally send out invitations for the Australia Day ceremony?

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