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  1. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/citizenship/become-a-citizen/permanent-resident#HowTo Go to Step by step section
  2. I can't understand what process happens between approval and the ceremony and why it takes ages between them
  3. When do they normally send out invitations for the Australia Day ceremony?
  4. Wish you luck mate but it's highly unlikely that if will be appointed so soon
  5. That's good. I haven't heard about people from Brisbane who attended a ceremony. Hopefully, they will pop up soon
  6. I mean that no citizens who attended normal ceremonies in the last time. All last citizenships granted through online ceremonies
  7. It looks like they switched to online completely. I cannot see any citizens from QLD, mostly nsw online. What's going on?
  8. I applied for my kids with expired passports. It was fine.
  9. Hey, Try this https://myimmitracker.com/en/au/trackers/citizenship-processing-tracker
  10. Passed the test today and got approval in 5 minutes🥳🥳🥳
  11. I am a little bit concerned with the test appointment. What do they do in case of lockdown? Do they reschedule tests?
  12. Hi 1300t is for paper applications. They are rarely used. I applied online. Applying online you do not have to worry about Form 1300t
  13. This thread is growing because of 887 applicants. Nice to see so many people from the last year.
  14. Hi mate! I just called DoHA and they said they I should attach a copy of the passport used on arrival. I came in 2017 and no stamps were put at that time. They went digital only.

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