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  1. beckdownunder

    Cheap Parent Visas Part I

    Hi Helsby 9, I'm so sorry for what you have been though, sounds like you and your parents have had a horrendous couple of years. I can't answer your question, I'm sorry, but wanted to wish you and your parents all the best. Good luck Beck
  2. beckdownunder

    Cheap Parent Visas Part I

    My understanding is that the reciprocal cover is still available on the Bridging visa A. My dad certainly hasn't had any problems with docs etc and he has been here for a year now on it.
  3. Hi all, I'm breaking my lease on a lovely 4 bedroom house in Christies beach at the beginning of December. It's really close to a gorgeous beach and handy for the shops. It has air con for the summer and a wood burner for the winter. Here are some pics from when it was sold a few years ago: http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-sa-christies+beach-113270859 Rent is $360.00 per week, on a 12 month lease, this includes electricity, so no extra bill for this. Pets are negotiable. If interested contact - cazzaj772@googlemail.com
  4. I saw the current tour at the end of May in Manchester and it was fantastic - you will have a blast! I may come along to the cinema viewing too to re-live it :-)
  5. beckdownunder

    Any spare packing boxes?

    Hi I'm hopefully moving at the weekend....so pretty quickly! LOL Beck
  6. beckdownunder

    Any spare packing boxes?

    Hi, Thanks - that would be great - have sent you a PM :-) Beck
  7. beckdownunder

    Any spare packing boxes?

    Hi, Thanks - that would be great :-) I've sent you a PM. Cheers Beck
  8. beckdownunder

    Any spare packing boxes?

    Hi everyone, I am after some spare packing boxes if anyone has any hanging around that they no longer need. I'm based in Hallett Cove, but happy to travel within Adelaide metro area to collect. Thanks Beck
  9. Hi, We are looking to sell our house in Hallett Cove and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for good real estate agents? Thanks Beck
  10. beckdownunder

    457 Visa granted

    Fantastic news :-)
  11. beckdownunder

    Getting ready for Citizenship - Any suggestions?!

    Brilliant news - well done! Hopefully they won't keep you waiting too long for your ceremony. Beck
  12. beckdownunder

    Home and Land Packages

    We are in the process of building with Weeks & Macklin. I would echo what the others have said.....don't blow out your budget on the initial presented costs of the house. We have found during our process that there seem to be lots of extra's that keep getting added on along the way - and not small sums of money either. We are yet to break ground....hopefully it will al be worth it once its complete! Good luck. Beck
  13. beckdownunder

    Parent visa

    Some people like the certainty of getting a visa quickly I suppose. I think the contributory visa gets processed in about 18 months.....whereas in reality, Dad may live the rest of his days here and never get PR. There is also the worry of if he does get to the top of the queue in say 10/15 years....he will need to pass the medical and who knows where his health will be then. For us, there was no option though as he doesn't have the spare $46k that it would have cost for the non contributory visa. We just have to hope for the best and at least he can enjoy his time here in oz with us in the meantime.
  14. beckdownunder

    Parent visa

    At the moment they could also apply for the 804 aged parent visa (non contributory) which doesn't have the hefty price tag. It costs $3520 for the 1st installment, then I think its another couple of grand on grant. There is a massive waiting list - may be as long as 30 years, but they can apply onshore and stay whilst they are waiting for it to be processed. We have just put Dads application in for the 804.
  15. beckdownunder

    Parent Visa

    How old are your parents?

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