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  1. Dangerousdave

    Hiya, new on here 🖐️🖐️

    Hi Phil. I'm in East Midlands. We've paid to go through an agent who tells us the best way in regards Visas etc. It's been quite stressful, as I'm older than my wife my skills are irrelevant, so we are going on her age and skills. WA aren't doing state sponsorship for teachers so we are looking at SA. I've never visited SA before hence the questions. We've done the PTE test and got 20 points from that, done the skills assessment which has been granted and now the Expression of Interest is about to be submitted. My wife did a three year degree and the Australian government only recognise four year degrees, even though she's been teaching for seven years, it appears the experience doesn't count so she had to go back to uni for a year and get a PGCE degree too. My wife is about to get her Teacher Qualifications Assessment done. I understand the Oz government being strict when you look at the state unlimited migration has left the UK in, but it's very frustrating non the less, when we want to move to Oz, obey the laws, integrate, pay taxes and contribute positively to the country and my wife wants to train the next generation.
  2. Dangerousdave

    Hiya, new on here 🖐️🖐️

    Brilliant. Thanks for your help. I used to be a fork lift driver, before I became a van driver and then a trucker, so I did think if quite like just loading and unloading trucks on a fork lift. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Hi, my wife and I are looking at moving to Oz. My (English) outlaws live in WA, my wife's a Primary School Teacher and Early Years Specialist. We are hoping to move to Adelaide area as it's nearer to my in-laws than the UK, but still three hours flight time away. We have a toddler and my wife wants to be nearer her family and we have spent a lot of time in WA over the last 14 years, even getting married on the beach in Rockingham. We have no idea what suburbs are nice with families, which are rough and best avoided, etc. We would quite like to be near to the beach if possible. We are looking to rent initially and then maybe buy in Adelaide area if we like it. Anyone know whether teaching jobs would be hard to find? I'm a trucker but not necessarily looking for a truck driving job, I'd be happy doing pretty much anything, fork lift driving, van driving, working outdoors etc. Any help appreciated

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