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  1. Moosh

    The other way around

    What is biometrics?
  2. We are considering the move back to the UK. There's no work here. We have been in Australia for 15 years so its not a decision we are making lightly. My employer want me in the UK so am considering a relocation package. is there a section on this forum dedicated to helping people return? What do I need to do with regard to tax, NI etc? i have re-applied for my UK passport so I will have both Aussie and UK one to travel on. thanks in advance.
  3. Moosh

    Is anyone considering leaving SA?

    We don't want to leave but the work situation has got far worse since the start of this thread. I've had an opportunity to return to the UK to work for my current employer. We are seriously considering the move but will put our stuff in storage. Hubby is a Hospitality Trainer and there is NO work for him in SA. It's very bleak in SA.
  4. Hi i'm looking for a cheap, reliable, experienced DJ with all the kit and lighting caboodle to do my hubby's 50th birthday party. Anyone recommend someone? cheers M
  5. I'm after a white double bed frame similar to the IKEA Malm. Must be good condition.
  6. Oh well, it kept me employed for a couple of years. The Government do what they want, they live in a different world to us.
  7. Moosh

    Wanted MS Project 2003 - thanks

    Did you manage to get hold of MS Project? I have the disks somewhere here.
  8. Moosh

    Good restaurant

    We're not keen on the steak houses. We have been to the Lane in Hahndorf and that was very nice. D'Arry's is ok, why not try The Elbow Room in the McLaren Vale, one of the chef's from D'Arry's has opened up his own restaurant there (formerly The Producers). There is also Ekhidna Winery and Serafino's in the Vale both are top notch.
  9. Moosh

    Good restaurant

    We went to Windy Point for my Birthday in October last year, had a fantastic meal and the service was excellent. Our favourite is Shiki's japanese restaurant in the Hyatt Hotel (now called Intercontinental) next to the Adelaide Convention Centre. Absolutely the best food we've ever had but it was very very pricey, as the meal cost more than our room booking!
  10. Moosh

    Kangaroo Island

    You can fly over but you still need to hire a car when you get there so it wouldn't be any cheaper in the long run.
  11. Moosh

    Onion rings

    Foodland sells them
  12. Moosh

    Flowers to UK

    If your recipient complains to the Florist where they came from, they may get a replacement bouquet. Unfortunately Interflora let us down this year and did not deliver on Mothers Day but the day after but I complained as I paid for Mothers Day delivery and they gave us a full refund. I would still use Interflora again and Bunches. I don't use the supermarkets because last time I tried to create an account, you had to have a UK address so gave up.
  13. Moosh

    Kangaroo Island

    I've been to KI 3 times now and love it every time. Is such a shame the ferry costs so much to get there.
  14. Moosh

    not settled yet. Where to Settle?

    Totally agree with Diane, Misplaced and Scooterdan. We moved away from the suburbs attracting all the brits, only for them to start moving in on our little town. Us Brits are like a disease, we spread everywhere. LOL (thats a joke!!) Go to a suburb that you like the look of and has all the amenities you want. Join clubs and associations to meet people. Don't limit your friendships to Poms as you are not getting the benefits of being in Australia.
  15. Moosh

    Flowers to UK

    I've used Thorntons this year to send flowers and chocolates. The flowers were ok but not as big as I thought they would be. I also used Interflora for the MIL for delivery on Mothers Day but they do charge a lot, 37.00 pounds for the flowers, 9.99 for delivery and 1.00 for use of a visa card! I've used bunches before and they are good. DO NOT USE iflorist or ihampers, they are a total rip off and the flowers died within 2 days and the hamper we got at Christmas for our MIL was only worth a quarter of what they put it in and they are all cheap foreign products, when we complained they gave us a 10.00 pound gift voucher which went straight in the bin!

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