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  1. R & H

    Visa Granted !!!!

    Congratulations, enjoy every minute of your adventure.
  2. R & H

    Bushfires, Wildlife and Help.

    Thanks Snifter, appreciate the links you put up earlier, I must learn how to do that!
  3. R & H

    Bushfires, Wildlife and Help.

    Wow that was quick and great to know they have enough now, I've been working on them all day and just posted them. But can I ask how you know as I can't find that info on the IFAW website and my understanding is they will distribute to wherever is needed in any state and need stock as it's only the start of the fire season. I think I may be looking in the wrong places!
  4. R & H

    Bushfires, Wildlife and Help.

    Hi all, the IFAW are appealing for people who are good with a needle to make 100% cotton mittens for injured Koalas. You can send them to IFAW 6 Belmore St., Surry Hills 2010 and they will send them to rescue centers in Adelaide and Victoria where they are needed urgently. You can find their simple pattern on the Daily Mail Website under "Wildlife Hospital Launches Mitten Appeal"
  5. R & H

    Stress! Removal company arriving tomorrow...

    Hi, just to let you know we were told NOT to polish any of the furniture as the wax would react to the temperature changes in the container as it travels from cold to warmer climate. Don't stress about the removal guys they are usually very experienced and helpful. Good luck.
  6. R & H

    Good Aussie meal out

    We second Hortas in Noarlunga. Consistently good food and changing menu in a beautiful setting.
  7. R & H

    Bringing the mutt?

    Hi there, we brought our two Golden Retrievers over last September after a lot of soul searching as to whether it was selfish of us to put them through it, but they are part of the family and we felt we couldn't abandon them to a new family, as we committed to getting them and we felt you have to stick with that for their whole lives no matter what. In answer to Kookie, you think it might be cruel to put your retriever through the change but knowing how the breed are have you considered the cruelty of them losing you for good,especially at that age, you can't win, whatever you do it will be a hard decision. (It's great to see so many Goldens over here too). Personally although it was a tough few weeks being without our two, we have given them a wonderful life over here, and they have adjusted well, after a few hiccups. We used Dogtainers to transport,a great and very kind company. we decided not to visit them in Melbourne and leave them wondering why we had disappeared again so we didn't see them until they arrived to stay. If you have just one dog I would definitely request the dog play/walking extra at the quarantine facility so they don't get too bored. one of our Retrievers was a little more stressed than the other but they have both settled well and it has definitely helped our kids settle by having their much loved pets here. We also gave ours a natural calming remedy called Zylkene which the authorities allow you to supply enough for the quarantine period - it can help dogs through anxiety as it is based on a pheromone given off by nursing bitches and naturally calms a dog down. We were advised to start them on this two weeks prior to travel. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  8. R & H

    Maritime insurance

    Hi, would definitely recommend Letton Perceivel. Their quote was a lot cheaper and when we unfortunately had to make a claim they were very efficient and professional in dealing with our claim without any hassle whatsoever, settling quickly. You will pay a lot more through a shipping company but for peace of mind I'd go with LP every time. Good luck with your adventure, this is the stuff that makes it feel its real and realising your dreams are not far away.
  9. R & H

    Whale in Hallett Cove

    Spotted a whale about 4pm in Hallett Cove today. Amazing .... It may be winter now, but this place just gets better and better - just had to share this with you, so keep your eyes peeled - they are here! Went to Bashams Beach last weekend and saw two Southern Right whales but this weekend they're on our doorstep - what a delight.
  10. R & H

    Close call!

    Wow that's a close call you had ... We heard a dog nearly died when it picked up a discarded split tennis ball and there was a blue ring lurking inside. Didn't know they only show their blue rings when angry either so will be wary of any octopus I see now.
  11. To all making the big move over here, just wanted to recommend A Letton Percival, Liverpool for insuring your container. We went with them rather than our carriers own insurance following a recommendation on this forum. Unfortunately, wE had some furniture that got damaged and they were really efficient in dealing with our claim, and settled with no fuss. We found their team helpful and friendly from start to finish. They were a LOT cheaper too - certainly worth giving them a call for a quotation.
  12. R & H

    bathroom renovations

    Hi there, not sure where you're located but Reece on O'Sullivan Beach Rd Lonsdale are very good and they're very helpful if, like us, things are not straight forward with your refurb.
  13. R & H


    Hi Tyke - very funny - you caught me out! H x
  14. Hi Growler and everyone else moving to SA in 2013 We moved to Hallett Cove in September this year ( a few miles from Noarlunga). All I can say is that it is worth all the grief, frustration and cost to get here. We absolutely love it here, the people are very friendly and the climate is unbelievable. The wildlife is also wonderful. You'll soon find your way around and the beaches are simply amazing. We decided for our first Christmas to have a traditional English Brekky and we started what will be our new traditions. We packed a picnic and went to Noarlunga beach ( the sea was lovely and warm and the beach is beautiful and sandy). We came home and had an nice swim in the pool ( the water was warm). We cooked our turkey on the Weber, celebrated with a few beers. A truly amazing day. New Year's Eve we want to Glenelg to welcome in the New Year, the temperature was around 20 degrees I guess, and the beach was crowded (around 30000 people)...... Australia truly is an amazing place. The only thing we miss are friends and family, but with Skype even that isn't too bad, and I come from a very close family (6 siblings). Any downside.....yes there is, we wish we had done it sooner. So if things get frustrating, back in the UK, just think of what lies ahead.... Good luck, you'll be here before you know it, so enjoy your last months back in the UK. R & H
  15. R & H


    The Lettuce Inn, Southgate has fresh ones today - really good quality grocer

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